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New Dinosaur Discovered Called "Chicken From Hell" Is Terrifyingly Hilarious!

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new dinosaur discovered called chicken from hell is terrifyingly hilarious andor hilariously terrifying

Anzu wyliei is his name, and being a giant chicken-looking, velociraptor hybrid is his game.

Matt Lamanna and several fellow paleontologist buddies recently unveiled the new creature! The dinosaur is basically an ostrich/raptor that weighed around 600-pounds.

Lamanna said:

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Nicole Kidman's Grace Of Monaco Dethroned From Its Release Date! Find Out Why It Was Yanked From The Schedule HERE!

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This Grace is under fire!

In an epic and ongoing feud, the upcoming Nicole Kidman-acted biopic on Grace Kelly, Grace of Monaco, may not be so upcoming after all, as it has been removed from The Weinstein Company's release schedule entirely.

After the director, Olivier Dahan, threw shade at Harvey Weinstein for delaying the film, Harvey has officially made Princess Grace disappear without a trace from the calendar!

Right now, Harvey is saying that the movie isn't finished, and Olivier is saying that Harvey wanted him to make "pile of sh*t" edits that were "catastrophic."

Yay for creative collaboration!

While no new release date has been set, it was just announced that the film would open the Cannes Film Festival of 2014!

Hopefully, they'll have a film to turn in by then! Come on, guys! Do it for Grace's sake!

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Jaden Smith Can't Keep Runnin' Away From The Paparazzi!

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jaden smith cant keep runnin away from the paparazzi

Or maybe he can keep running away!

Those sneakers of his look pretty sturdy!!!

Jaden Smith was spotted grabbing sushi at a restaurant in Calabasas, California on Monday but afterward did NOT feel like chit-chatting with the paparazzi!

So he did what kids do best!

He ran as far as his legs would carry him! All with a smile plastered on his face!

Maybe Jaden didn't want to be photographed with that crazy black and yellow sweater on!

Although, personally, we don't think it's that bad. Not bad enough that you'd go through all the trouble of running away for it!


[Image via IXOLA/AKM-GSI.]

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