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Fugu Gets You Crazy High, Zombifies You, Then You Die

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Most people have heard of the Japanese delicacy Puffer fish, or fugu.

It is a fish that is so poisonous (1200 times more poisonous than cyanide) that it can only be prepared by a chef with at least two years of training.

The fish is infamous for killing Bandō Mitsugorō VIII, a famous japanese actor, who ordered four fugu livers (the most poisonous part) because he knew the poison wouldn't hurt him (because he was so awesome).

He died seven hours later.

A researcher even claims that the fugu poison can zombify a person by making them appear dead and then eliminate higher brain function and then have them come out of their "death" coma. Arising as a zombie.

Not many people actually believe that though.

The main reason it seems that people eat fugu, is because it gets you high.

While high doses of the fugu's neurotoxin slowly paralyze you until you slip into a coma and die, small small small doses give you a tingling, light headed calm that can only be achieved in the last few seconds before drowning.

That all sounds way too intense to feel a high like that.

We'll stick to hardcore drugs, thank you very much.

We are OBVIOUSLY joking about the drugs.

But seriously, the best high is basically almost dying? No thanks.

That's why they are now breeding fugu that don't develop the toxin.

This has connoisseurs everywhere up in arms that anyone can now prepare and serve these "harmless" fugu.

It's all about the danger!

If you're into almost dying for a piece of bland fish.

We DO NOT recommend anyone tries fugu. Or even gets near fugu.

Matter of fact, don't even look at pictures of fugu to be safe.

[Image courtesy Pangamut/Wikipedia.]

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