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Just HOW Naked Will Joe Manganiello Be Getting For Magic Mike?!


Okay, now he is just toying with our delicate emotions!

Although Joe Manganiello's rep has denied that his character in the upcoming Magic Mike, amazingly named Big Dick Richie, will NOT be showing full-frontal in the flick, the seksi werewolf himself recently suggested otherwise!

He teases:

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Boo! No Full-Frontal From Alcide The Werewolf In Magic Mike!


This is absolutely devastating news.

Although it's been reported that Joe Manganiello will be playing a stripper names "Big Dick" Ritchie in Steven Soderbergh's upcoming flick Magic Mike, and there's been chatter that the film may include full-frontal nudity for some characters, we're sad to report that his rep has denied reports that the seksi werewolf will be the one dropping trou!

Ugh. Our dreams are crushed.

But hey! It could always be Matt Bomer. Or Alex Pettyfer. Or Matthew McConaughey. Or Channing Tatum!

We're holding out hope!

What do U think?? Who do U want to show off the goods?

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There's Most Likely Going To Be Full-Frontal In Channing Tatum Stripper Movie!


We can't. We just. Wow. This is too much.

We've been pretty much salivating non-stop since we heard about Steven Soderbergh's upcoming film, Magic Mike, which is based on - and co-stars - Channing Tatum and his past as a teenage stripper, and is also starring Matthew McConaughey, Alex Pettyfer, Matt Bomer, and Joe Manganiello, and now - get ready for it - we don't think we're ever going to peel our jaws off the floor, because according to a source close to the flick…there's a possibility that there will be full-frontal NUDITY from the boys!

According to the insider:

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Watch Tom Hardy's Full Frontal Nude Scene HERE!


It's our lucky day!

CLICK HERE to check out a seriously naked Tom Hardy in all his full-frontal glory in this extended scene from the new short film Sergeant Slaughter, My We Big Brother!

Yeah. We're talking over a full minute of letting it all hang out!


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Want To See A Full-Frontal Of Tom Hardy? We've Got Pics!


We have hoped and pray that someday, this day would come - and it HAS!

Tom Hardy recently starred in a short film called Sergent Slaughter, My We Big Brother - which was directed by Greg Williams and is set to premiere March 28th at the 1st Annual New York Digital Short Film Festival - and according to sources close to production, he appears for about five minutes in the opening scene FULL FRONTAL NEKKID!

Don't believe us?!

CLICK HERE to see an uncensored snap from the flick!

Believe us, it's worth it! We still have to pick our jaw up from off the floor!


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Levi Johnston's Little Sister To Pose Nude For Playboy?

levi johnston sister to do playboy

Guess Mercede Johnston must really look up to her brother, since she's following in his naked footsteps!

Levi Johnston's little sister, otherwise known as Tripp Palin's aunt, will reportedly pose nude for Playboy in El Lay in the next week or two.

According to a report, Levi's 18-year-old sister will bare it all in the issue, unlike Levi who didn't show full frontal when he posed for Playgirl's Winter 2010 issue.

We're sure both Sarah and Bristol Palin are thrilled to be associated with this!


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Jennifer Aniston To Go Full Frontal!


Oh, did that catch your attention?

After the deplorable Box Office performance from her new film The Switch, it was clear that Maniston would have to make a bold move to get another job, and sure enough, she did!

Full-Frontaniston will star alongside Paul Rudd in Wanderlust, which will be produced by Judd Apatow. So, you're baring it all AND you're getting the Apatow golden touch? You just might be able to turn it all around, Jennifer.

In the film, Maniston and Rudd are a married couple who leave New York for Atlanta, but on their way they stop in a commune to live like free-loving, freeloading hippies. We'll see Jen go full frontal, smoke a lot of weed, have an all-female threesome, and she'll get pregnant.

Artistic decision or act of desperation? Thoughts?

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