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The SNL After-Party: Two Ladies For Justin, Neither Of Them GaGa!


Following their incredible (and ratings raising) performances on Saturday Night Live, Lady Gaga and Justin Timberlake attended a star-studded after-party in their honor.

However, the two took to their separate agendas almost immediately after arriving. JT was spotted partying with Olivia Wilde and Mila Kunis, "chatting" the night away and then leaving the party "at the same time."

Sorry, Adam Samberg! Doesn't sound like you were invited to THIS three-way! HA!

Meanwhile, GaGaloo was seen mingling with the likes of all the other famous guests, like Drew Barrymore, Sigourney Weaver, Ashley Olsen and Emma Stone, while also persuading Lorne Michaels onto the dance floor and getting the deejay to pump her jams!

Um, just for a second, close your eyes and imagine GaGalicious getting down with Ashely Olsen to Judas. Can you see it? Glorious! That's a sight we would've treasured in our mind tools forever! LOLZ!

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Lady GaGa Frightens American Idol's Good Ole Country Boy, Scotty

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LOLZ! This guy…is he serious???

Last night, the top four contestants of American Idol had the pleasure of being mentored by the best of the best, Miz Lady GaGa. All the contestants were stoked to be in her presence, except one who may or may not have thought it was a mortal sin to be hanging out with her! HA!

Check out the video (above) to watch country boy Scotty McCreery kiss his crucifix (literally) while GaGalicious offered him some VERY USEFUL pieces of advice.

It surely was a day neither of them will ever forget!

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Lady GaGa Wants A Cameo On Glee

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After covering three of her most celebrated songs to date, is Glee ready to have Lady GaGa actually appear on the show in all of her glory?

They better be because she is totally game for it!

GaGalicious has confided that she would love to make a guest appearance on Glee whenever they could "work it out." She even hinted that the show would be covering MORE of her songs in episodes to come, though which ones she wouldn't say. (Fingers crossed for You And I!!!) She explains:

"I would love to. We should just work it out…I know that they're doing some more music on the show soon - and they just did the amazing Born This Way episode. So I would love to. Glee's an amazing show. I really like what it stands for."

As do we! Oh, how we'd relish the thought of seeing GaGaloo find her way into Lima, OH! We can picture it now: Kurt and Rachel standing in line at the Lima Bean coffee house, waiting for a frappe, when Lady Gaga strolls in for a Chai Tea! Rachel will instantly call out to her, but with his back turned to the superstar, Kurt gently reminds Rachel that this is a coffee shop in Ohio and there's no way GaGa is in there midst. And then he turns around, gets poked in the eye by one of her horns and faints in disbelief. The End.

Write it. Shoot it. Air it. Send us the royalties.

[Image via WENN.]

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Sweet Cover Of GaGa's Edge Of Glory! Yup, ALREADY!

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He also gets bonus points for getting this up so fast! (And for being cute! HA!)

Check out this cover of Lady GaGa's latest single, Edge Of Glory, from this dude in his bathroom with a ukulele! (above)

No, seriously, it's awesome!

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Idol Contestant Performs 'Unreleased' GaGa Song, You & I!

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Look who took a real risk? Hopefully, it will pay off.

For the first time in American Idol history last night, a contestant performed a previously unreleased song by a major artist during the competition round. The ears of every little monster in the Idol audience perked up when Ryan Seacrest announced that Haley Reinhart would be singing a song by Lady GaGa that to date has not been made available to the public…unless you know how to use Youtube.

With GaGa's bless, Haley performed a rendition of You & I, a song not on any of GaGa's albums, but one she has been performing out on the road with the Monster Ball ever since she debuted it last June at Elton John's White Tie and Tiara Ball fundraiser in England.

So how did she do? See for yourself! Check out the video (above) to hear Haley croon out her version of GaGa's You & I!

Was it enough to make U vote for her last night???

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