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Natalie Portman's Back For More Dior


Even though she said she was "shocked" and "disgusted" by John Galliano's Hitler video, Natalie Portman is still promoting Christian Dior products.

The Academy Award winning actress appears in a new ad for their line of Diorskin makeup products looking flawless as usual.

We're assuming this campaign was shot before Galliano's downward spiral because Natalie seems like the type that would stand by her comments.

[Image courtesy of Dior.]

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John Galliano Testifies!


As expected, John Galliano took the stand in a Parisian courtroom on Wednesday where he is on trial for hurling anti-semitic slurs earlier this year.

GQ is live-tweeting from the trial and this is what the fallen designer told the three judges presiding:

-He doesn't remember anything from the rant that lasted 45 minutes
-He says he's a recovering addict
-He started drinking because Dior was doing so well, but after each "high" he would crash and alcohol helped him escape
-When the stock market crashed in 2008, he was under a lot of pressure and took on a lot of line extensions
-He lost a friend named Stephen, who protected him
-His father's death made him turn to sleeping pills because he didn't have time to mourn
-He admits to being in denial
-He's still in recovery, but feeling much better

Later, the "I love Hitler" video was played and Galliano took the stand for a second time to explain himself:

-The words in the video aren't his views. He sees someone who needs help and has been pushed to the edge
-He's fought discrimination all his life as he's also been subjected to it
-The man in the video is not the real John Galliano
-He has no memory of the events and only read about them in the press

The prosecution then asked how Galliano could apologize for something he never did, even though it's obviously him in the video.

Stay tuned…

[Image via News Pictures/WENN.]

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Isaac Mizrahi's Still Talking About Galliano

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After telling the world he hopes John Galliano never works again, Isaac Mizrahi is still (and probably the only one) talking about the fallen designer.

Mizrahi flapped his gums on Wednesday night telling OK! magazine:

“I think that the shame that he brought on himself was enough punishment. I don’t think he needs to serve time or pay any money, seriously. Do you? I think he was horribly, miserably wrong. But at the same time, what shame, what ruin. You know what I mean? But on top of that, I don’t think he needs anymore ruin."

And we don't think you need to comment on a 2 month old scandal anymore, either.

[Image via Patricia Schlein/WENN.]

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Dior Won't Announce Galliano's Replacement Until Fall


The big wigs over at Christian Dior have decided to leave the fashion world on the edge of their seat when it comes to John Galliano's replacement.

Reputable sources say the fashion house is holding off on the big announcement two reasons: Galliano's contract has yet to be legally dissolved and LVMH doesn't want to overshadow the current season.

Fair enough.

So for anyone who was planning to throw a big party for Riccardo Tisci, wait until the fall.

[Image via Abaca USA.]

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Isaac Mizrahi Hopes John Galliano Never Works Again


We're still talking about this?

Isaac Mizrahi is sounding off on John Galliano and it ain't pretty.

The designer commented on the scandal at the MCC Theater’s Annual Musical Spectacular Gala earlier this week:

"It can’t be tolerated. I guess I’m the wrong one to talk to, because I never really liked sort of what he did so much. I liked better what McQueen did. I liked better what Vivienne Westwood did. So now I don’t like it, and he’s a Jew hater? I was like, buh-bye."

Oh, but wait! There's more!

Mizrahi ended the discussion with one helluva one-two punch:

"Galliano was more of a fetishist to me. He was more of a fetishist than a democrat. And I refer to him in the past tense, because I don’t think he’ll work again. I hope not. I hope he doesn’t work again."


[Image via Ivan Nikolov/WENN.]

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Galliano's Accuser Doesn't Think He's Racist


It's been 2 weeks since John Galliano was arrested for his anti-Semitic remarks and in a strange twist his accuser is coming to his defense!

Philipe Virgitti told the Times:

"For me it was a simple bar dispute. We were having a beer when he sat beside us. He got aggressive, turned to my friend and said 'Your voice is annoying me, you're speaking too loudly'."

When asked about the words Galliano hurled at them, Virgitti admitted he didn't think the designer meant them, adding:

"I don't think he is racist or anti-Semitic. I just think he's very ill. John Galliano does not deserve this. I would like Mr Galliano to benefit from this unhappy story by drinking a little less and getting back to making the dresses and shows that he did so well."


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[Image via WENN.]

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John Galliano's Lawyer Speaks

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Ever since John Galliano issued an apology last week, things from his camp have been relatively quiet — that is until now.

The designer's lawyer Stephane Zerbib, who by the way is Jewish, recently sat down for a lengthy interview with Isreal's YNet News to talk about the circumstances surrounding his client's case.

Here's what he had to say:

Your client is accused of making rather harsh anti-Semitic comments. What is your explanation for this?
"I have no explanation. It could happen to any one of us. Anyone can go to a bar, drink a little and get into a fight with someone."

So alcohol is to blame?
"It’s alcohol mixed with medications. You're very vulnerable when you're in this state. People who don’t know the case can afford to say things and they all have opinions. It's easy to talk, criticize, be appalled. But these people don't know what really happened."

Cynics would say he hired you specifically because you are Jewish.
"If it amuses them let them say it. But I have been John Galliano's lawyer for the past seven years. It has nothing to do with the fact that I have a Jewish name."

Did you sense his alleged prejudices over the years?

Were you surprised by the recent publications?
"Very. I'm not the only one – everyone was surprised. I heard about it that same Thursday, but there was no talk of anti-Semitism at the time. The cops weren't handling it as a case of anti-Semitism."

So what were they investigating?
"An argument between people, like people fight in a bar."

Strange, there have been anti-Semitic quotes in the press.
"Yes, that's the complaint the woman filed."

And you still believe he never made such comments.

In your experience, what kind of a person is he?
"He's polite, courteous, very human. His collections have always been about tolerance, openness, love and mutual respect. He even did a show inspired by the homeless to remind us of the creativity of those struggling to make it with little financial means."

Stephane also refused to comment on Galliano's whereabouts for "his own good" and believes the video of his client was staged.

[Image via Abaca USA.]

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