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Rick & Morty Co-Creator Slams His Own Network For 'Tragically Tacky' Game Of Thrones Insult!

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Season seven has been Game Of Thrones' most watched ever — but also possibly its most panned.

Longtime fans have criticized the shorter season for inconsistent character moments, rushed plotlines, and logic problems.

It's been said the show is losing its edge as writers, no longer able to lean on the books, aren't sure where to go (even though season six is the show's most acclaimed, and they were flying blind there, too).

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On Sunday night, even another cable network took a swipe at the show. After hit show Rick and Morty, Adult Swim used one of its classic interstitial jokes — just the white lettering on black background — to savagely say R.I.P. to the show:

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Game Of Thrones Deleted Scene Totally Disproves Sansa & Arya Fan Theory!

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[But come on, it was like four days ago!]

It's been half a week since the Game Of Thrones finale, and fans are still trying to unpack everything that happened — and knowing the show won't be back until 2019, they're in no rush to be done.

Amid the dread over the coming White Walkers and weird feelings about Jon and Dany's… relations… there was one moment of pure delight — seeing Sansa and Arya FINALLY turn the tables and take out master manipulator Peter Baelish.

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After several episodes in which Littlefinger attempted to drive a wedge between the very different Stark sisters, they finally realized what was up and brought his machinations to light in front of an audience — before cutting his throat with the same knife he sent to kill Bran way back in season one.

But the show took its time getting to that bloody resolution; the last time we saw the sisters together, Arya (Maisie Williams) was literally threatening to kill Sansa (Sophie Turner) and wear her face. So what happened??

The theory put forth by fans confused by scary Arya (Scarya?) was that she and Sansa were play acting the whole time, just pretending to want to kill each other for the benefit of Littlefinger's spying.

The long con theory was confirmed by the finale twist, right? Actually, a deleted scene changes

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Emilia Clarke & Kit Harington React To That Game Of Thrones Sex Scene: 'Ewwwww!'

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After That Game Of Thrones Finale, Who Do YOU Think Will Win The Iron Throne?? Vote!

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Man, there were some big changes on the season 7 finale of Game Of Thrones!


Jon Snow is actually Aegon Targaryen, the rightful heir. Cersei is planning on stabbing everyone in the back. Sansa is now the shrewdest of them all.

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Oh, and the Night King is riding his undead dragon south of the wall with an army of wights at his back.

So after all that, have your predictions changed? Who do YOU think will sit the Iron Throne when all this is over??

Vote (below)!

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Emilia Clarke & Kit Harington React To That Game Of Thrones Sex Scene: 'Ewwwww!'

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The Game of Thrones season seven finale was satisfying for many reasons, but none more than the episode's title teased us about.

After (seemingly) uniting the Houses together to fight against the army of the dead, Fire finally laid with Ice. The Dragon danced with the wolf. Daenerys Targaryen climbed Mt. Jon Snow, and he in return took a plunge into her dragon pit — and it was GLORIOUS.

Not as glorious, however, when considering that Westeros' hottest love scene played out while fans were reminded that the two characters are actually aunt and nephew!

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Though fans may have made peace with the fact that Jon and Dany are secretly related, the characters have a lot to be nauseated about. At least, that's what Emilia Clarke and Kit Harington teased would be the response after the Targaryen truth bomb gets dropped in season eight.

Speaking to EW, Clarke considered her character's reaction to the news that she was fucking her own fire and blood, laughing:

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The Game Of Thrones Season Seven Finale Was Full Of Death, Sex, & Winter! The Dragon And The Wolf Recap HERE!

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game of thrones season seven finale

[This post is dark and FULL OF SPOILERS!!]

The Game of Thrones season seven finale promised a meet up of the biggest players in Westeros — and boy, did it deliver.

Fans were certainly looking forward to Sunday's showing of GoT as the episode, titled The Dragon And The Wolf, teased the potential of a Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen hookup. Not to mention, many speculated that the title foreshadowed Snow would FINALLY learn about his royal lineage.

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Although, as Cersei Lannister was seen attending the Fellowship Of The Ring rulers meet-and-greet in the trailer, it's safe to assume nothing went according to plan. Soooooo, what exactly happened during The Dragon And The Wolf?

Get all the juicy deets from the finale for yourself (below)!

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Twitter Had Quite A Bit To Say During The Game Of Thrones Season Seven Finale!!

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Twitter reacts to game of thrones season seven finale

Another Game Of Thrones season has come and gone!

And, in typical stan fashion, numerous viewers took to Twitter throughout the finale to weigh in on moments from the highly anticipated episode. Now, as this season has been chock-full of surprises, we knew The Dragon and the Wolf would give fans a lot to talk about online.

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Be sure to ch-ch-check out the best reactions for yourself (below). WARNING: Game Of Thrones spoilers lay ahead…

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