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Gay Gamers Unite! LGBTQ Gaming Convention Turns To Kickstarter For Sequel Year!

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Unlike movies, video game sequels are almost always better than the original. That makes GaymerX 2 totally worth supporting!

The second year of the first LGBTQ gaming convention has already tripled in length (turns out its a grower not a shower!) from one day to three!

How else are they going to contain events like an appearance by openly gay wrestler Darren Young?

Ch-ch-check out the video (above) to see the Kickstarter video to see all that's in store for you at GaymerX 2!

The project will reach its goal if it makes

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Sweet! New Deets Revealed About Next Nintendo System!

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new deets on next nintendo system

Don't be sad, Wii! We're sure you'll become total BFFs with the old Gamecube and N64 systems that you'll be stored next to in the closet!

Back in April, Nintendo announced that their new system would be released in 2012, but details were scarce at the time.

Today, the world got a glimpse of the Wii U during demonstrations at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Here are some of the new deets that were revealed:

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Angry Birds SHOULD Be Happy! App Creators Aiming For ONE BILLION DOWNLOADS!!!

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angry birds to hit one billion downloads

The crazy part is that they'll probably make it happen!

After passing the 250 million download mark for their Angry Birds games, Finnish company Rovio has their eyes set on one billion downloads!

Here's what the head of Rovio's brand marketing department, Wibe Wagemans, had to say about their ambitious goal with Angry Birds:

"This is something that even six months ago was unthinkable."

Guess we'll see if they're able to reach their goal before the next big app featuring bothered animals comes along.

Will it be Pissed Off Pandas? Aggravated Alligators? Furious Frogs?

…Enraged Emus??? LOLz!

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New Nintendo 3DS Could Help Find Eye Problems!

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Nintendo System Could Help Eyes

Despite the warning from Nintendo that youngsters under 6 shouldn't use the new 3DS gaming console, some optometrists are calling the device a "godsend" for detecting eye issues for kids before they get too old!

Here's how:

If your kid doesn't see the 3-D effect on the 3DS, that's a sign that he or she may have a vision disorder such as amblyopia, or "lazy eye," or subtler problems that can cause problems with reading, Duenas said. Kids who experience dizziness or discomfort should also be checked, he said.


Take note, kids! That's gotta be one of the BEST reasons to drop on your parents when begging them for one!

And if that doesn't work, drop this knowledge on them:

These problems are much easier to fix if caught before age 6, when the visual system in our brains is more or less done developing. Only 15 percent of preschool children get a comprehensive eye exam that could catch these subtle problems, according to the American Optometric Association, the professional group for optometrists. More than half of all juvenile delinquents have undiagnosed and untreated vision problems, according to studies.

Too cool. Not only is this the next generation of hand-held gaming devices, but it could actually help you out in a very practical way!

We'd like to definitely see the statistics and studies on why Nintendo feels the exact opposite, though! Plus it'd be a huge bummer to get the thing, have your eyes have problems, and then not get to use it until things are corrected (if ever!).

Pretty hefty price tag ($250) for a secret eye exam if that's the case!

Have fun, kids! But take a break once in a while!!

[Image via WENN.]

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Chinese Man Dies After Three Days Without Sleep

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Chinese Man Dies After Three Days Without Sleep


After a three-day online gaming session without sleep and very little food, a Chinese man collapsed at an internet cafe.

He was rushed to the hospital, but doctors were unable to revive him.

The 30-year-old man apparently had an addiction to gaming and spent more than 10,000 yuan ($1,500) on gaming in the month before he died.

Lesson learned: Get some SLEEP!!

[Image via AP Images.]

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An iPad With A Joystick?

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With just a little imagination and an obsession for gaming, it has become a reality!

Check out the latest accessory for your iPad: a Joystick! (above)

Perfect for playing old school Pac-Man, this handy, classic contraption settles onto your iPad via a suction cup and then…the fun commences!

Pretty rad!

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