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Katie Ready To Quit X Factor!

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This is an unfortunate reality of being in the spotlight!

X Factor contestant Katie Waissel is apparently so upset over an on-line campaign created to get her eliminated from the competition - in protest of her being selected to move on instead of Gamu Nhengu - that she is now threatening to quit!

A source explains:

"Katie is on the brink - she’s a drama queen at the best of times - but she just feels like she can’t go on. She told producers and spoke to [show judges] Simon Cowell and Cheryl Cole and they are both trying to get her to stay. But as outgoing and quirky as she is, she’s only human and she is in tears over the bullying tactics people are using to get her out of the show. She collapsed in tears on Monday night, she hasn’t been eating or sleeping. Then to cap it all, her voice has gone and she went to see a doctor who told her she had to rest and put her on antibiotics. We had no option but to allow her to go home for the evening - she’s not allowed to stay at home, but she had dinner with her parents."

We understand that she's being targeted unfairly due to the circumstances regarding Nhengu, but it's better she learn now that not everyone is going to like her!

If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen, bb!

We'll be keeping our fingers crossed that you can!

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Chezza Vs. Louis! It's On!


After her divorce earlier in the year, her bout with malaria, and most recently, death threats from disgruntled X Factor fans who were furious with her decision to eliminate contestant Gamu Nhengu, we think it's safe to say that Cheryl Tweedy is having herself a serious rough patch!

And it doesn't seem to lightening up anytime soon!

Sources close to the reality competition claim that everyone on set has had enough of the pop star's attitude, most notable fellow judge Louis Walsh, who lost his cool with her on Saturday's show and said:

"I have an opinion. It’s not all about you, Cheryl!"

He was quoted saying afterward:

"Oh she always gets the attention, she’s the nation’s sweetheart. I’m fed up listening to her! It’s not her show. I don’t care! I’m not here to keep her happy."

Apparently, Louis had been feeling this way for quite some time, and it's finally gotten too much.

An insider explains:

"He’s been bubbling with rage. He thinks Simon Cowell unfairly helps her out – to the extent of picking the songs for her contestants to sing. What really gets Louis’s goat is that she does this poor-little-me act but inside there’s a heart of stone."


We hope this doesn't become Dannii vs. Sharon 2.0!

Talk this one out!

What do U think?? Is Louis making a stink over nothing or is Chezza acting like a diva??

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X Factor Contestant Facing Deportation Afraid Of What Her Former Government Will Do To Her If She Returns!

Poor thing! This has become such a mess!

Recently eliminated X Factor contestant Gamu Nhengu, whose family is currently facing deportation from Scotland, reportedly has to fear for her life if she returns to Zimbabwe because of the attention her noteriety brings to the government!

She explains:

"I've been in the public eye now and people there know I've fled Mugabe's regime. They will punish us if we go back. They're going to know where we are. There's a firing squad waiting for us there and they're putting me in front of it. I'm a total mess. People want to know if I'm OK - well, I'm definitely not OK. I don't understand. I'm a good person, what have I done to deserve this? I feel so responsible I have put my family through all this. My two brothers have had to be kept out of school because they are so upset and it's all my fault. If I hadn't applied for the X Factor none of this would ever have happened."

Just awful. We can't imagine she could have anticipated all of this when she signed up for the competition!

Meanwhile, despite support from fans and her lawyer attempting to appeal the forced deportation, Labour leader Ed Miliband doesn't think anything can be done for Nhengu.

He explains:

"I feel very sorry for Gamu but I think you do have to have the proper rules enforced, you can't make an exception for someone because she was on the X Factor, so I think the authorities have to make their own decisions in the normal way."

What an incredibly difficult position to be in! Our hearts really go out to you, bb, and hopefully something can be done to help you and your family!

Please try and keep your chin up!

Your presence on X Factor touched so many people, and they are all rooting for you!

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Simon And Cheryl NOT Feuding!!


Guess Simon Cowell isn't such a meanie after all!

Despite reports that Simon and fellow X Factor judge Cheryl Tweedy were feuding over contestant Gamu Nhengu, Simon is setting the record straight:

"No. Cheryl and I haven’t had a fight, yet!

And I certainly couldn’t tell her what to do even if I wanted to. We are helping Gamu and her family as much as possible and have lawyers working with her lawyers, not because we have to but because I really feel for their situation, and that’s outside of the show.

We were unaware there would be any problem with her visa until this week."

Contestant Gamu was a viewer's favorite, but rumors were swirling that Simon ordered Cheryl to not pick her because she had deportation issues. However, Cheryl is saying that it was her own decision to get rid of Gamu, even though she was "sad" about what happened. She continued:

"I just want to set the record straight and tell everyone that the three girls I have chosen to take through to the live shows were chosen by me and Will, and the final choice was, and always is, my decision.

I understand completely why everybody felt so strongly towards Gamu. I thought she was great too, like all eight girls. But what the public saw was an edited version of what the audition process actually involves.

It is always a tough decision and for me personally, the part I enjoy the least. I would have loved to take all of the girls.

I was not aware of Gamu’s situation outside of the competition and I am incredibly sad for both her and her family. But I have to stress that it did not have any influence over my choice."

Glad Cheryl and Simon remain friends.

What do U think?? Were you a Gamu fan?

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Did Producers Go Over Chezza To Have Gamu Nhengu Eliminated From X Factor?

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If this is what actually went down, then she shouldn't have to take the bullet for them!

Cheryl Tweedy, who has been facing serious backlash - and even death threats - for voting fan favorite Gamu Nhengu off of X Factor, is reportedly furious with producers for allegedly pushing her to eliminate the contestant due to immigration issues, and is now demanding that they come clean about the mess on tomorrow's episode!

Sources claim that the pop star told producers:

'We need to sort this out or it’ll overshadow the whole series.'

However, apparently producers are still attempting to throw Tweedy under the bus, and refuse to take responsibility for Nhengu's exit!

So unfortunate! We seriously hope, that if this indeed the case, the truth will come out and the matter can be resolved!

Chezza shouldn't have to be terrified of death threats because of a decision that was made above her and is out of her control!

Thoughts?? What do U think happened??

[Image via WENN.]

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