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Ryan Gosling Wasn't A Big Fan Of His Gangster Squad Costumes

So, the solution to that problem is just TAKE IT ALL OFF!!

Right, ladies???

Ha, we wish!

So, while promoting his new movie Gangster Squad, Ryan Gosling had one complaint about his role in the film.

He wasn't a fan of the costumes he had to wear! Not because they weren't cool, but because they were uncomfortable!

RyRy recently complained:

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Ryan Gosling Wants Us To Take Off His Clothes!

Ryan Gosling Itchy Suits

Well…sort of…

…but we’ll take what we can get!

Ryan Gosling toyed with our daydreams when he revealed just how uncomfortable his clothes in Gangster Squad made him.

Apparently not uncomfortable enough to become a full-time nudist, but we can’t get everything we want.

The sexXxy star said:

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Ryan Gosling Cuddles With Emma Stone! Where The F**k Is Andrew Garfield!?

emma stone ryan gosling cuddle gangster squad josh brolin

And the missing person couple search continues!

The last time we spotted Andrew Garfield walking hand-in-hand with his lovey-dovey lady Emma Stone, Tiffany's I Think We're Alone Now topped the pop charts!

An absence of public PDA isn't necessarily cause for concern, but now she and Ryan Gosling are looking way more snuggly than we would expect!

Sure, they played lovers on Crazy, Stupid, Love and were all schmoozy back then (pics below), but that was before she got serious with Spider-Man and all of his ah-mazing glory!!

And now they've been working together for so long re-shooting Gangster Squad and promoting the release… well, we're nervous, that's all.

Andrew/Emma are the sweetest, most likable couple in the biz!! Please, just put our wandering minds at ease and tell us everything is still WONDERFUL!!

Emma, Ryan, and Josh Brolin's gangster film premieres early next year.

Hopefully Andrew is her date to red carpet screening!

[Image via AP Images.]

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Ryan Gosling And Emma Stone Sizzle In New Gangster Squad Promo Posters

Gangster Squad

Ryan Gosling has a SIX-pack, a THREE-piece suit, and a TOO-cute costar! We'd be smirking too!

It's Ryan's second time being the sword in Emma Stone, and we can't tell you how jealous we are of that gurl!

Let's just say that when it comes to Ryan Gosling, we have an Easy A too!

Ch-ch-check out the pics (below) for the rest of the all-star cast!

PS- You can tell these posters weren't meant for the public eye yet! They still have the original September release date! Oh, if only!

See you in January, Ryan!

[Image via Indiewire.]

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Emma Stone Stands Out In Ryan Gosling/Josh Brolin/Sean Penn Gang Bang!!!

Gangster Squad Sneak Peek Poster

Ryan Gosling, Josh Brolin, and Sean Penn are ready to shoot hot loads all over 1940s El Lay!

At least that's what we can tell from this epic sneak peek at the movie poster for next year's Gangster Squad!

And we guess she's still in Crazy Stupid Love with Ryan Gosling because Emma Stone is going back for seconds!

And this time, she brought her sultry with her!

Man there's a lot of hot in this poster! We guess we know where we'll be on January 11! We're gonna make the Squad!

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Ryan Gosling Re-Films Scenes For Gangster Squad In Wake Of Aurora Tragedy

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We wish none of this were necessary!

As much as we love being treated to additional glimpses of Ryan Gosling looking dapper his seksy '30s wardrobe for Gangster Squad, we sincerely wish all of this additional filming could have been avoided!

In the wake of the horrifying and senseless murders in Aurora, Colorado, filmmakers thought it prudent to re-film certain violent scenes and push the movie's release date back to 2013.

It's unclear how many scenes were rewritten and reshot but we can report for certain that Ryan still looks darn good in his old school hat!

Ch-ch-check out more pictures of Ryan on set walking around and driving a car (below)!

[Image via Ramey Pix.]

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Gangster Squad Won't Hit Theaters Until January Due To Colorado Shootings

Gangster Squad release date now January

As excited as we were to see Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone back on the big screen this summer, Warner Bros.' decision to push back the release of Gangster Squad is probably for the best.

It's a no brainer that the film is presumably violent, but it apparently included a scene depicting a shoot out in a movie theater.

Had it not been for the tragic event that unfolded in Aurora, Colorado last Friday, viewers probably wouldn't have batted an eye during the sequence. However, the world has reacted to James Holmes' horrible shooting spree and no one really wants to be reminded of his actions.

The plan is to reshoot some scenes to make the movie work and then (tentatively) release it on January 11, 2013. The only obstacle standing in the studio's way is reassembling the ginormous cast of A-listers who are probably busy shooting other projects.

Whatever the case, good luck!

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