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Amber Portwood Rushed To The Hospital After Panic Attack

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Teen Mom Amber Portwood: Drinking And Partying After Rehab

More dramz for Teen Mom's Amber Portwood!!

She was rushed to the hospital after suffering from a panic attack.

Luckily, her daughter Leah was not with her and was staying at the home of Amber's ex and baby daddy Gary Shirley.

A source says:

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Teen Mom Gary Quits Amber For Good

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Are you for sure this time? Because we've heard this one before…

Teen Mom's Gary Shirley is positive that he's over his baby momma Amber Portwood for good.

The reality star dad tweeted this on Friday:

I’m completely through w amber No more back n fourth sh*t. I got my precious baby u got your precious anderson men hope your sins r worth it

Moving on I’m bout to kick it with honors with my last night til I get Leah back from grandmas. Thank u mom for everything.

Hard to turn u away today, heading u cry was hard but your actions were terrible and this time there was no reason for what u did. No love.

Seems he's moved on quickly though because later, he tweeted about his wild night out with the guys and a new date:

Some true GT tonight. Downtown #Indy we gooo! Who’s out?? Everyone stop what you’re doing and come.

I got a date tonight. With a girl in Indy… Where to take her? Just dinner lol a date plus I’ve been over this crap way to long

Let's hope this is FOR GOOD. No more back and forth for the sake of Leah. She deserves better than that!!!

You two need to work things out like adults. Get your shiz TOGETHER.

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Teen Mom Amber May Never Regain Custody Of Her Daughter

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Such a sad situation.

Teen Mom's Amber Portwood, who is still in rehab in Malibu btw, may permanently lose custody of her precious daughter, Leah.

Leah's daddy,

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Teen Mom's Gary Makes It Rain For The Strippas!!!

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Teen Mom Gary Shirley

Just another reason for Amber Portwood to get pissed!

Apparently, Gary Shirley went on a $5,000 stripper marathon for ELEVEN whole hours!


According to sources, Gary made the night worth it by taking things from the VIP area into the notorious champagne room.

As of now, Gary has no comment.

Oooooh, Gary! Don't you know you could have put that money to yo baby's education!

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Classy guy.

Yesterday, while his baby momma recovered in the hospital from a suicide attempt, Teen Mom star Gary Shirley threw a party in his backyard!

Yups! Instead of going to see how Amber Portwood was holding up in the hospital, Gary threw a BBQ with some buddies. Apparently, he needed a "relaxing evening" for himself because of how traumatic the day was … for him.

Now that's just low. Poor girl is hurting and your stuffing your face with hamburgers?! For shame!

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Authorities Confirm Teen Mom's Attempted Suicide.

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So tragic.

She needs an extraordinary amount of help.

It's been confirmed by authorities that Teen Mom's Amber Portwood, who was rushed to the hospital after being found unconscious in her home with a rope around her neck, did indeed, try to commit suicide.

According to a source close to the family,

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It's Gary Time!


After 5 long months of waiting, Gary Shirley of Teen Mom fame is finally launching his line of Gary Time t-shirts!


The collection consists of 5 tees and all of them have Gary's moneymaker slapped on them. He's also playing the sympathy card by advertising a portion of each shirt will benefit his daughter Leah.


[Image via Facebook.]

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