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This Is The Way Teen Mom's Gary Shirley Seduces A Woman…


And it's not pretty. Trust us.

We've seen his romantic serenade to his ex and baby momma Amber Portwood on Teen Mom. (A moment that will never leave our precious memories.)

And now we get the lucky chance of witnessing Gary Shirley in heat as he sends out disgusting sexual tweets to his new girlfriend.

So charming!!! And what a catch!

Wanna read more of Gary's lovely poetry? Read after the jump!

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CPS Closes Teen Mom's Amber Portwood Case


So, the real question here is: "What happens to Leah?

The Indiana Child Protective Services has closed the case on Teen Mom's Amber Portwood investigation, which means the protective order that has prohibited her from seeing her 3-year-old daughter has been unresolved.

Amber said:

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Teen Mom's Amber Portwood Diagnosed With Extreme Bipolar Disease

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This is really sad, but also, not surprising.

Teen Mom's Amber Portwood is opening up about her struggles with mental illness.

The mom, who just earlier this week was seen on a video fighting with a complete stranger at an IHOP, and has dealt with domestic abuse issues herself, explains her diagnosis of extreme bipolar and disassociative disorder.

She says:

"I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder three years ago. I struggle with it. I hate it. I grieve over it. When I went to rehab for two months, they diagnosed me with disassociative disorder too, which makes me black out. People don't understand what it's like."

She also explains the fight that was on caught on tape:

"I was with Mike (her new boyfriend), and yes, we did go have a couple of drinks. But I was not drunk. We were sitting by ourselves, laughing and talking and my legs were up on his, just having a good time. Suddenly, I hear this couple make these racist comments.

I looked over and said, 'Excuse me, but why are you starting drama? Please do everyone a favor and keep your comments to yourself.'"

When the comments didn't stop, that's what pushed her over the edge. She continues:

"So that's when I got up and told her to shut her f–king mouth.

I'm sick and tired of people bashing me every time I leave my house. When I go out, I mind my own business, but people try to fight me and get me going because I guess they think I'm most famous for fighting Gary. I get picked on every time I go out in public. I just want to be a normal 21-year-old. I do my duties, I take care of my child. Yes, I did hit Gary, and what people saw was an angry Amber who reacted to the father of her child telling her he had cheated on her.

People pick on me just to see if I'll fight them. They think I'm this hard person, but I'm not! I'm a good person. I love my friends. I love people…I just want people to know that people change. I'm doing really well. I'm happy. Yes, I am on an MTV show, but I deserve a normal life, too. People need to realize that the show, Teen Mom, is on TV just to help others not make the same mistakes. That's it."

We know it's hard, but those are the consequences of starring on a reality show and airing your dirty laundry.

We just hope that Amber gets the help she so desperately needs and can learn to deal with problems without fighting.

[Image via Ramey Pix.]

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Amber Portwood Rushed To The Hospital After Panic Attack

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Teen Mom Amber Portwood: Drinking And Partying After Rehab

More dramz for Teen Mom's Amber Portwood!!

She was rushed to the hospital after suffering from a panic attack.

Luckily, her daughter Leah was not with her and was staying at the home of Amber's ex and baby daddy Gary Shirley.

A source says:

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Teen Mom Gary Quits Amber For Good

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Are you for sure this time? Because we've heard this one before…

Teen Mom's Gary Shirley is positive that he's over his baby momma Amber Portwood for good.

The reality star dad tweeted this on Friday:

I’m completely through w amber No more back n fourth sh*t. I got my precious baby u got your precious anderson men hope your sins r worth it

Moving on I’m bout to kick it with honors with my last night til I get Leah back from grandmas. Thank u mom for everything.

Hard to turn u away today, heading u cry was hard but your actions were terrible and this time there was no reason for what u did. No love.

Seems he's moved on quickly though because later, he tweeted about his wild night out with the guys and a new date:

Some true GT tonight. Downtown #Indy we gooo! Who’s out?? Everyone stop what you’re doing and come.

I got a date tonight. With a girl in Indy… Where to take her? Just dinner lol a date plus I’ve been over this crap way to long

Let's hope this is FOR GOOD. No more back and forth for the sake of Leah. She deserves better than that!!!

You two need to work things out like adults. Get your shiz TOGETHER.

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Teen Mom Amber May Never Regain Custody Of Her Daughter

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Such a sad situation.

Teen Mom's Amber Portwood, who is still in rehab in Malibu btw, may permanently lose custody of her precious daughter, Leah.

Leah's daddy,

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Teen Mom's Gary Makes It Rain For The Strippas!!!

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Teen Mom Gary Shirley

Just another reason for Amber Portwood to get pissed!

Apparently, Gary Shirley went on a $5,000 stripper marathon for ELEVEN whole hours!


According to sources, Gary made the night worth it by taking things from the VIP area into the notorious champagne room.

As of now, Gary has no comment.

Oooooh, Gary! Don't you know you could have put that money to yo baby's education!

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