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Ryan Murphy Talks Recent Gay Teen Suicides & The Evolution Of Glee's Kurt!

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There is no denying that Glee has become a huge force in the industry. That's why we are so proud to know that when it comes to gay and equal rights issues, creator Ryan Murphy is at the front line.

In light of the multiple gay teen suicides this week, Ryan is making it a point in his show to showcase the beauty of tolerance and how it affects the youths of today. In a new interview he explains:

"[Tolerance] is a very powerful thing to write about because this week alone three gay teenagers have killed themselves and committed suicide, and we just got asked today to do a PSA on it because it's becoming such an epidemic because of the bullying."

But along with the PSA (which we are so thrilled they are doing, BTW), Ryan intends on tackling the subject with the character of Kurt, starting with this coming Tuesday's episode. He explains:

"The core of the show is really about tolerance. I think that's the legacy of Glee more than anything else. So as we began the year we were very conscious of that. Last year the throughline was about teenage pregnancy. And the throughline this year is really about Kurt (Chris Colfer) and his feelings about tolerance, not only in high school and in the world, but also the ripple effect it has on everybody around him."

Good because sometimes people forget that those poor teens they torment have siblings and fathers and mothers and friends who feel their pain every bit as much as they do. It's so important to respectful of one another, no matter who they are or what they believe.

And on a lighter note, Ryan does dispel some of the rumors surrounding Kurt's rumored new boyfriend. He finally lays to rest the rumor that the lucky guy will be newcomer Chord Overstreet, but as for the other newbie, well, not so much. Ryan explains:

"It's definitely not Chord. It's not Chord. And the new character [Darren Criss] is certainly an option. I'm not sure how soon I want to [reveal] that information. because it's such a big storyline of the year—I want there to be some surprises. But Darren has a major, major arc. He sort of becomes Kurt's mentor and then maybe love—he had to leave his own school because of bullying and goes to an all-boys academy and finds acceptance because that school has a no-bullying, zero-tolerance policy. So Kurt really admires him and respects him. He plays someone who's one year older than Chris' character, so he's the old pro."

An old pro? That could be a great storyline to watch unfold!

We just can't commend Ryan and his team enough! They really are taking the show in a direction that we think everyone will be able to relate to and enjoy!

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Yes, We Won, But… No Same-Sex Marriage Yet!

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We took a giant step in the right direction today, but there are those who are still standing in our way in having equal rights.

In a not so surprising but crappy move, a stay pending appeal was filed yesterday prior to Judge Vaughn R. Walker's decision today that Prop 8 is unconstitutional.

What that means is that his ruling to overturn Prop 8 cannot be filed until this appeal has been dealt with. So the good judge has granted the community a stay of court's judgment, but gay marriage will not allowed to resume immediately.

A bump in the road, but nothing we can't handle. Faith has been restored today and we know that equality will prevail!

[Image via Faye Sadou/WENN.]

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Yay, Britain!

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We just love you guys!

The Supreme Court of Britain ruled today that homosexuals living in parts of the world which aren't so open-minded can find refuge in their country.

Sadly, there are still many places in the world where homosexuals face constant fear of persecution for their orientation. Now, if they like, they can call Britain their home and will be granted asylum.

Deputy President of the Supreme Court, Lord Hope of Craighead, summed it up perfectly, saying:

“To compel a homosexual person to pretend that his sexuality does not exist or to suppress the behaviour by which it manifests itself is to deny him his fundamental right to be who he is. Homosexuals are as much entitled to freedom of association with others who are of the same sexual orientation as people who are straight.”

Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!

We're so proud of this! A beautiful and important step for equality!

[Image via AP Images.]

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Sex And The City Stars Get Serious

Check out this clip of the Sex and the City 2 gals getting serious and discussing some of their stories about gay marriage and the HIV crisis.

Very thought-provoking, ladies!

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