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Gang Viciously Attacks Man In Skinny Jeans And Calls Him A F***ott

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This is beyond appalling.

A gang is Atlanta targeting a male wearing skinny jeans when he walked out of a store.

He is then viciously attacked and repeatedly called faggot as the gang yells, "no faggots in Jack City."

They even

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Unacceptable! UFC Throws As Many Punches As They Do Gay Slurs!

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UFC fight

Ugh! We are not happy to hear about this.

While sports organizations like the NBA and MLB are working to end homophobia, others like the NHL seem to be tolerating it. Unfortunately, the UFC (Utlimate Fighting Championship) seems to be flat out endorsing anti-gay bigotry!

In recent incidents, not only have the athletes used gay slurs to taunt their opponents, but even the PRESIDENT of the organization, Dana White, is leading by poor example!

During an expletive-filled rant on YouTube, Mr. White not only called a female sports journalist a "dumb b*tch", but dropped this homophobic line:

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Howard Stern Is Amazing!

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Such inspiring words!

And all the more proof that there is the capacity to CHANGE in all of us!

Check out this audio clip of Howard Stern discussing his thoughts on gay slurs, as well as the difficulties that the LGBT community face every day (above)!

Thanks for taking a stand, bb!

And for admitting that you yourself have learned from past mistakes!

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High School Football Crowd Chants Gay Slurs

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Ugh, when will people realize that this is NOT OK!

Students at Ohio’s Eastlake High School attempted to mock the opposing team's uniforms by chanting “powder blue faggots.” The band played along with them.

This is not acceptable! The continued use of words like “gay” and “faggot” in a derogatory way perpetuates the juvenile idea that being gay is a bad thing. We must stop this immediately — too many kids have been mocked for being who they are, and we as a society have paid the consequences through their suicides.

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