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Derek Hough A "Womanizer"??? Ha!

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Not likely!

A nobody model named Melissa Arnold is telling sources that she knows Derek Hough to be a "womanizer" and urges Cheryl Cole to watch her man!

According to Melissa, Derek plays the "nice guy" routine to lure girls in, but it's just an act. She explains:

"He has the most insane body from dancing. It's incredible - and from what I'm told, he knows how to use it. The guy's got stamina! He knows how to convince girls he's faithful, even while he has two or three others on rotation. I once saw him at LA nightclub Coco de Ville and he was kissing one girl when he first got there and then at 2am he left with another one…Total womanizer."

PUH-leeease! Are any of you buying this shiz?!

There is only one thing Derek is trying to convince others of and that is that he is ACTUALLY straight. All these girls = beards! Without question!

We're not fooled, Gayface! In fact, we'd wager you put this chick up to say this about you, just so you can deflect.

Not going to work on us!

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Cheryl Cole NOT Dating Gayface

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No shit they’re not dating each other!

What we DIDN’T know is that Cheryl Cole has been dating one of the dancers for the Black Eyed Peas. Here’s what a source had to say about it:

"Cheryl has been more than happy to use Derek and her good friend will.i.am to fool paparazzi and fans alike. She has actually been dating one of the dancers.They met while she supported the band on their European tour earlier this year."

Here’s more from the source on Cheryl’s relationship with the dancer:

"Cheryl's relationship with the hunky backing dancer is very casual. They've been enjoying each other’s company behind closed doors."

Well at least we know Cole has been enjoying SOMEONE’S company behind closed doors, because that sure as hell wasn’t happening with Gayface!

Are U surprised with this Cheryl Cole relationship "revelation?"

[Image via WENN.]

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The Couple That Works Together Will Break Up!


We don't think this is a good idea!

Cheryl Tweedy reportedly wants rumored BF Derek "Gayface" Hough to assist her at the Judges' House stage on The X Factor.

She wants Derek to help her choose the acts she wants the mentor on the shows. Last year, Will Young helped out Chezza when it came time to choosing her top three acts.

Apparently Cheryl thinks Derek will have an eye for someone who can sing AND act, impressing Simon Cowell.

A source reveals:

"Simon thought last year's contestants didn't move enough. He called one of them, Stacey Solomon, a singing candle. Cheryl thinks that having dancer and choreographer Derek on board will boost her chances of winning. She can help with their ­singing and he can teach them some moves."

She's also reportedly filming her Judges' House episode in LA as opposed to the UK so she can be close to Derek.


We don't get it, but the heart wants what it wants!

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Evan Lysacek Vs. Johnny Weir AGAIN!



The claws are out again!

And this time Evan Lysacek is on the attack!

Evan got a random question from one of his extremely rude followers on Twitter, asking:

@evanlysacek Hey Evan, is Johnny Weir really a guy? hard to tell from the photos I've seen LOL ;)

And how did Evan respond?

Tacky and tactless, of course!

Evan replied:

@TahitianFantasy verdict is still out.

Okay, whatever, you robotic and tinhearted GAYFACE homophobe!

We bet you just have a huge hard-on for Johnny and are just denying your true feelings! You can't fool us!

P.S. CLICK HERE to "follow" Perez on Twitter!

[Image via AP Images.]

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Cheryl Tweedy Fights For Quickie Divorce

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While fighting malaria, Cheryl Tweedy missed the deadline to file divorce papers - and now she's desperate to get a "quickie" so that she can finally show the world how much she loves Derek Hough.


What does Gayface have that we're not seeing? A peen made of gold and magic???

According to insiders close to Cheryl, she doesn't want to "antagonize" or be "disrespectful" to her ex Ashley Cole by being openly affectionate with Derek.

Hello?? Hasn't Ashley been spotted gallivanting with several other women?? Get a grip, bb!

Sources say, that she's fighting for a quick divorce and “is remaining upbeat and hopeful they can get a result for her soon. She’s still hopeful it can be resolved quickly.”

While we agree that it would be a great idea to get a divorce from your douchebag ex as soon as possible, we don't think it's a good idea to move at such a rapid pace with Gayface!!! Keep your options open, bb!!!!

[Image via Owen Beiny / WENN.]

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