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Elizabeth Banks Knows Why She's Super Hot Post-Kids But Her Answer Is NOT What You Think! Refreshing!

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elizabeth banks knows why shes super hot but her answer may surprise you

This lady ain't just a pretty face!

As a director, actress, and producer - it ain't hard to tell that Elizabeth Banks is super talented!

But her face IS super pretty, and the star recently opened up about that and her other assets!

Elizabeth credits her amazing cheekbones and skinny legs not to any kind of workout technique or juice cleanse, but rather her genes!

Here's what she recently said to New You magazine:

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Can Dogs Help Us Solve The Humane Genome?!

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We've heard of doggone mad…but this takes the doggie biscuit! LOLz!

Geneticist Elaine Ostrander is marveled by the variance but yet simliar genetics of the dog. While they come in all shape and sizes, they can ALL breed with each other!

So what better way to understand the HUMAN genome than by studying the DOG genome!!!

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World's First Genetically Modified Babies Born Eva!



For the first time ever in the entire world - genetically modified humans were successfully created!

That shiz cray!

Apparently, thirty one hundred percent healthy babies were born after being experimented on.

Two of the babies' genes have been tested and are confirmed to have genes from three different parents - one father and two mothers.

Over the past three years at least fifteen of these babies have been born who have received these genetic experimentations.

They began as embryos in women who originally had trouble conceiving - extra genes were injected into these womens' eggs before they were fertilized in order for them to be conceived.

DNA tests confirm that two of the babies both have three inherent DNA traits from three different parents.

If any of these babies eventually have children they will also pass their genes to their offspring and so on and so forth.

The practice, which is the first of its kind in the history of the world, has caused extreme outrage and criticism among the majority of scientists in the world.

Geneticists do not want this method to eventually be used to create new races of humans with super natural strength or extremely high intelligence.

Obviously that would just be totally unfair.

Darwin could've never predicted this.

Who needs survival of the fittest when you got science like this??

Scientists also believe this kind of experiments may be the first step towards cloning humans which is just a bad science fiction movie waiting to happen.


[Image via Warner Bros.]

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Scientists Make Breast Cancer Breakthroughs!

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Scientists have mapped the complete genetic codes of 21 breast cancers and catalogued mutations that gather up in beast cancer cells.

This hopefully will lead to much earlier detection which means easier treatment.

This research is trying to find out, genetically, how cancer evolves, so hopefully it'll be easier to spot mutations that lead to the growth of breast tumors.

The research team leader said:

"These findings have implications for our understanding of how breast cancers develop over the decades before diagnosis in adults and might help to find possible targets for improved diagnosis or therapeutic intervention in the future."

Breast cancer kills over 450,000 woman each year in the world, so this a great step forward for hundreds of thousands of people.

This is such a big step because scientists are getting their first real close up look at the mechanism behind cancer.

"We've known for many years now that all cancers are due to abnormalities of DNA that occur in every single cell of the body over the course of a lifetime. But although we've known that, it's remarkable how rudimentary our knowledge is about what the processes are that cause these abnormalities, these mutations in our DNA."

Hopefully soon they'll be able to see how breast cancer develops so they can treat it more effectively.

Let's go, science!

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The Worst Parts Of Being Left Handed

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Lefties Disadvantage

Are you left handed? Has it been hard to live in what's basically a right handed world?

Ever wonder what specifically it was that's going on?

Here's some science for you:

About 10% of people are left handed. Not only that, but are prone to schizophrenia, ADHD, dyslexia, mood disorders, brain disorders, and impaired learning, and earn 10% less than right-handed people.

WHAT! That's terrible!

But, on average, there is no difference between IQs between righties and lefties. So that's good!

It all comes down to genetics and hemispheres of the brain. So unfortunately, you can't really just decide to practice super hard and use your right hand and this stuff will go away. Sorry!

Though, we're sure that there's thing right handed people are worse at that we haven't had the chance to discover yet. Like alien languages, or something! Ha

[Image via AP Images.]

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Gonorrhea Has Obtained Pieces Of Human DNA

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Gonorrhea Has Obtained Pieces Of Human DNA

Um, whomever it was that gave gonorrhea pieces of human DNA should be ashamed of themselves! Never give diseases your DNA (jk LOL)!

Scientists have discovered that gonorrhea has integrated human DNA into its genes. They're still unsure what the implications of this will be.

Said the study’s senior author, Hank Seifert:

"This has evolutionary significance because it shows you can take broad evolutionary steps when you're able to acquire these pieces of DNA. The bacterium is getting a genetic sequence from the very host it's infecting."

Gonorrhea infects around 700,000 nationwide each year.

We hope this new development doesn’t make the disease more powerful!

[Image via AP Images.]

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Julia Roberts Says Her Beauty Is 97% Genetics

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Julia Roberts Says Her Beauty Is 97% Genetics

Julia Roberts’ lasting beauty is almost baffling — she’s 42 and still gorgeous! And yet she insists that almost none of it is due to diet or expensive facials.

Said Julia:

“It is 97 percent genetics. Don’t let anybody tell you any crap about anything else, because that’s what it is — 97 percent genetics and three percent just get your ass moving.”

She continued:

“It’s silly to consider it a personal triumph for myself that in almost 24 years in show business — except for being pregnant — I’ve weighed within about a five to 10lb range.”

Despite her claim that it’s all genetics, she has looked fabulous for a long time, and some of that is due to exercise and eating right. That being said, we love her outlook on beauty — fad diets and extreme measures are unnecessary to being healthy and looking great!

[Image via WENN.]

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