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Major League Producer Says Charlie Sheen Is Being "Difficult"


This is such surprising news.

Charlie Sheen being difficult?? Of course not!!!

No, but seriously, looks like Charlie may lose yet another job.

Major League producer James Robinson says that he would love to have Charlie join the sequel to his film, but with Charlie's latest outbursts and crazy behavior, he's not sure what the future holds for his film. And without Charlie, the film just won't happen.

Robinson explains:

"He's a talented person. What a waste. What a shame. I don't know where he's going right now. I don't know where he's going to end up.

He's very important to the movie. I can't tell you for sure [if we'll cancel it], but I can only say that his character, and him playing that character, is very prominent. So that could be a possibility."

When asked if he would replace Charlie in the role of Rick "Wild Thing" Vaughn in the third sequel, Robinson says:

"It never occurred to me to have anyone but him play the character that we wrote for him. He's not in the film yet because we don't have a deal with him yet. Our respective representatives have had dialogue but I haven't talked to him. His part is absolutely in the script and he is very prominently part of the story."

Having worked with Lindsay Lohan on Georgia Rule, Robinson is no stranger to working with troubled stars. He explains that Charlie needs to shape up before he could even consider putting him in the film. He adds:

"Both sides of the contract always have obligations. If it's obvious, or we believe he can't perform, then it would be stupid to put him in the film if he would have difficulty filming that role. There's been very few times I've ever had an actor that couldn't perform.

He was good to work with. I'm an optimist. He's being a little difficult right now, and I understand that. I'm sure he's got his demons torturing him. I sincerely hope there's a way he can come out of this dark tunnel. But it appears that, so far, he's either not following whatever treatment should be administered or it's not working. I frankly don't know which it is."

It's probably a combination of both, honestly. It's pretty obvious that Charlie isn't exactly following the rules of treatment and if he is, well then, something else needs to be done because it's obviously not working.

It's too bad because we actually would have enjoyed seeing Charlie go back to his old Major League character.


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Georgia Rule Director Comments On The Lindsanity!


Everyone's weighing in on the Lindsanity!

The latest to comment on the hard-pAArtying wacktress' most recent legal mess is the director of Georgia Rule, Garry Marshall, who should know all about her drunk ass shenanigans from the written bitch-slapping the head of the Morgan Creek, James G. Robinson, gave her while the flick was in production!

Marshall says:

"[Lindsay and I] had a good time… I feel bad that she's going through all this and I hope she gets it together. She's gotta go through the process. She said she thought she was good, she slipped, she's back and forth, but you know, she's got a great heart, and as soon as she gets situated where she can change, this is what we need. I am not a psychiatrist, I'm a film director - which is part psychiatrist, mind you… I got to know her - she's young and going through the Hollywood process of being in front of everybody and all the media, and that affects you. I hope she can come out of it, because she's really, really talented. [She's] really a good actress. So I hope she doesn't waste this gift that she was given."

Yeah - we would have agreed with him, if this were still 2007, but we think it's pretty clear at this point that gurl is a lost cause, and has no chance of EVER getting her career - or sobriety - under control again!

You've BLOWN IT, bb! Just like all of that coke you won't be able to afford soon!


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Michael Lohan Is Disgusted That Lindsay's Playing A Porn Star


Big surprise - Father of the year Michael Lohan has something to say about Lindsay Lohan's new role as adult film star Linda Lovelace.

When asked if he thinks the role will hurt her career, he responded:

"Oh, I don't even want to go there! What do you think? Come on! Seriously - why? She did Parent Trap, Confessions [of a Teenage Drama Queen], Freaky Friday, Mean Girls, Just My Luck and Herbie. And you know what? Georgia Rule was a fantastic movie. People don't give her credit for it, but that was one of her best acting jobs. But I mean, she started with Parent Trap and now this? Why? Who makes these decisions? If I was there, it would never happen, believe me. There's no way to resurrect your career after that. So many people have come to me with offers for Lindsay for great family-style films, general audience kind of releases, but you know … whatever."

As if anybody has ever gone to Michael Lohan for career advice!!

At least he still loves his daughter. Or that's what he wants the media to believe. He continues, saying:

"The girl is such an amazing, talented, gifted and loving person. She's been consumed by the people, the lifestyle, but you know what? Don't give up hope. I am telling you now, if she gets the help that she needs, she is going to be right back on top, just like Robert Downey Jr."

Yeah, and we're sure having a father like you who is poisoning her life and career is just the guy to help her!

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