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EW! 10 Germiest Places In A Restaurant!

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What do you think number one is??

If you guessed "bathroom" you'd actually be wrong!

An ABC correspondent went undercover and swabbed ten restaurants in three states to find how much bacteria there is in different parts of an eatery.

They founds some VERY inneresting results:

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Ethan Zohn And Jenna Morasca Run For Their Lives!

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ehtan zohn and jenna morasca zombie run

Ethan Zohn and Jenna Morasca were recently at the Run For Your Lives Zombie-Infested 5K in Pittsburgh, PA.

Ethan has been fighting cancer and was clearly feeling well enough to go for a run for his life!

Ethan was apparently wearing the blue suit to protect himself from germs because he recently had a stem cell transplant.

A zombie run seems like the perfect place for him to go out in public because

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Ten Thousand Species Of Germs Live On And In You

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germs on you


How's that immune system of yours??

Scientists, wanting to just make sure we never sleep again, have calculated that healthy people play host to more than 10,000 species of microbes and germs!

Here's the horrifying part (the other horrifying part, at least) — if you collected ALL the bacteria and microbes you're swimming in, they could weigh a FEW POUNDS.

A lot of them DO work to keep us healthy, but still.

Just THINK about it. Your skin, up your nose, in your butt.

The scientists want to move on to figuring out why some of the bad ones hurt some more than others!

That would be pretty interesting to know!

[Image via AP Images.]

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QuickFit Tip Of The Day


Are you carrying gym "germs" everywhere on your iPod or iPhone? Most people these days use their phone or iPod in the gym to listen to music, but forget to clean the device after touching millions of germs via machines and weights! Yuck! Take some antibacterial wipes with you and give it a quick wipe down to avoid nasty bacterial buildup!

- Fitness & Lifestyle Expert Courtney Barber

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Here's A Tip To Avoiding A Cold

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Pens Colds

Keep your own pen.

It's that easy! Carry around your own pen — be it in your pocket or in your purse — and

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5 Germiest Places While Traveling

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Taking a trip soon?

Chances are you'll be passing through some of the germiest places on the planet then!

Germaphobes beware! Check out the 5 germiest spot for travelers below and make sure to pack lots of Purell!

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Can A Toothbrush Used During Illness Make You Sick Again?

Filed under: HealthWellnessHygiene

Colgate tooth brush

If you've bought a Colgate tooth brush lately, you may have noticed a sticker reading "Got A Cold? Change your toothbrush."

The company's website warns:

"germs can hide in toothbrush bristles and lead to reinfection."

Similarly, a competing brand Arm & Hammer offers the same warning and recommends:

"anytime you've had a cold or have been ill since germs may be lurking among the bristles."

However, are these companies looking out for consumer's safety or the company's profits?

The answer isn't quite that simple.

A person will not re-catch cold germs from a toothbrush, unless it is someone else's toothbrush or someone else's cold germs.

Once our bodies have been infected with a particular strain of virus, they develop antibodies to protect us from that virus and make the chances of contracting the same illness twice very low.

On the flip side, it is possible to re-infect yourself with bacteria. For example, strep throat caused by a colony of steptococcal bacteria might remain on your toothbrush to re-infect.

So as a general rule of thumb, a case of a runny, stuffy, or sniffly nose probably will not require a new toothbrush, but after contracting something more serious such as a bacterial infection, it's not a bad idea to swap brushes.

Good to know, right?

[Image via AP Images.]

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