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Does SuBo Have A Weekly Allowance?


We hope this isn't true!

Susan Boyle's family members are once again speaking out to the press again against the singing sensation's management team, because according to them, she's not allowed to access any of her earnings, and is only provided a weekly allowance of $650!

According to her brother Gerry, SuBo recently purchased a $450,000 home near the house she grew up in so she can keep both, but because of her living stipend, she can't even furnish her new residence, and has to take the bus to get around!

He claims:

"When Susan realized she can't just walk into a bank and take out her own money she had a fit because she thought she was down to her last few quid. Her millions are ring-fenced but Susan has no concept of money. She was extremely distressed. She lives in fear of losing everything and returning to her old life before she made it big. Susan said to me, 'I've been told I get £500 a week because I'm a novice. I don't have the money to go and buy the furniture.' So she's still stuck in the small council house where we all grew up. She should be able to walk into a bank anywhere and say she wants £50,000 cash. That may not be advisable, but it would be her choice because it's her money.

Susan is baffled about money. All she wants to do is sing. So we asked the questions that should have been asked a while ago. Why doesn't she even have a credit card? Why does she feel she doesn't have control over her finances. And we've got worries about her safety too. She visits the local Tesco most days all on her own. So we raised concerns with her management. Susan doesn't look as if she is a successful international chart star. She's lonely and downtrodden."

However, other sources assert that she spends so little because that's how she prefers to live!

Insiders say:

"The modest allowance is what she asked for and she has full control of her money. All she is doing is being responsible with her money."

We don't know…for what she's making, she shouldn't have to take the bus!

We truly hope her management team isn't taking advantage of her!

What do U think?? Is SuBo's success being too controlled??

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SuBo Suing Her Brothers!

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Poor Susan Boyle!

The singer is reportedly suing two of her brothers John and Gerry after they gave an interview expressing concern for her well-being.

She's had countless incidents in the past such as checking in rehab for exhaustion, collapsing in a London airport in February, and canceling her Australian promotional tour last month.

Her brothers are claiming that her management is "controlling" her and keeping "her family away." But according to sources, Susan is furious that they're talking to the media about her and she's launched a breach of privacy lawsuit against them.

So sad!

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Family Drama For SuBo

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Susan Boyle's brothers have spoken out about their famous sister - and they are truly worried for her!

Rumors persist that her career is now being run by family who do not have her best interests at heart.

Her brother, Gerry Boyle, says:

"Basically, two of Susan's nieces who had no time for her before Britain's Got Talent are now controlling her career. She's living her dream. The downside is that she has to be careful who she's involved with. She has good days and bad days. She's under intense pressure now. I don't think Susan realises just how famous she is."


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Susan Boyle's Management Isolates Her From Her Family!!


Oh no!

Susan Boyle's family has some serious beef with the Scottish superstar's management team, and claim that they are kept from seeing her!

Her brother, Gerry Boyle, said:

"The Boyle family has made it very clear to Susan’s management that we neither trust nor approve of them. Certain things have come to light. We are very concerned and very angry with the way she is being treated. The management who control Susan has kept her family away from her. It’s not an ideal situation.”

Apparently, they feel as though SuBo's being overworked to the point of exhaustion, and we don't doubt that for a second! Girl has had her share of public melt downs!

Give her a break, people! This is a very new lifestyle for her!

She needs the support of her family!

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