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First Look At Coco On Her Hubby's Show, Law And Order: SVU! Wait Till You See Who She Is Kissing!

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You know, because it is Coco, her episode is gonna be the talk of the season!

She's a goddess, people. Deal with it!

For her third appearance on Law And Order: SVU, Ice-T's beloved will play an actor at a theater staging a show in the vein of the popular live showSleep No More, where the audience becomes part of the show. As Venus, the goddess of love (see!), Coco at one point gets very personal with another actor in the play — or more precisely, actress!

Yes, Coco locked lips with another lady, but no word yet on how much Ice-T enjoyed the scene! LOL! If you're interested in a sneak peek, go ahead and check out the gallery (below). But if you're in the mood for something more steamy, we'd tune in to the episode TONIGHT!

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Girl-On-Girl Action From Coco on <em>SVU</em>Girl-On-Girl Action From Coco on <em>SVU</em>

Merry Christmas, Michael Buble And Adele!

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It's a very Merry Christmas for Adele and Michael Buble!

The Canadian crooner's Christmas album is expected to hold onto the number one spot on the Billboard 200 charts for the fifth consecutive week, which ends at the close of business on December 25, with industry sources projecting that the will sell between 400,000 and 450,000 copies!

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Charlie Sheen's Former Goddess Retiring From Porn!

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Good for her!

Bree Olson, one of Charlie Sheen's former goddesses, says she's retiring from porn… FOR GOOD!

She's "moved on" from The MaSheen AND starring in such classics as Big Wet Asses 10 and is now taking acting classes to go "mainstream."

After taking a break from the porn biz for over a year, she says that "That part of my life is over," and is looking to become an actress.

Good luck with that, sweetheart. Distancing yourself from Charlie Sheen was definitely your first good move and now trying to do something better with your life is your second good move. Keep trying and reach for the stars!

[Image via WENN.]

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Chatting With… Tori Amos (Part 2)!

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Sadly our interview with the goddess Amos is coming to an end! BUT, we have lots more juicy stuff for all our fellow Toriphiles!

In part 2 of our exclusive two part chat, we discuss her upcoming tour, what we can expect from that, life on the road and what she's been listening to these days.

Plus, we also talk about her thoughts on Lady GaGa, British chavs and why Tori doesn't have a case of the Madonnas! Ha

So playful and fun part 2 was!!! She is!

Read some highlights from our lovefest… after the jump.

And watch our Amos interview in full (above)! Over 10 minutes of Tori goodness in part 2!

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The Music Video For Gloria Estefan's Wepa Is HERE!

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Check out Gloria Estefan's just-released music video for her smash hit, Wepa, off of her new album, Little Miss Havana (above)!

LOVING the aesthetic here! And the dancing is fire!

Not to mention that our goddess Gloria is looking especially FIERCE!

This is perfection! We're obsessed!

Bueno! Bueno! Bueno!


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Chatting With… Tori Amos (Part 1)!

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Such a dream come true moment! AGAIN!

We recently got to meet and interview - for the second time!!! - the legendary Tori Amos, one of our absolute favorite artists, whose music has truly changed our life and opened us up to so much more.

The piano goddess has a brand new album that just came out, Night Of Hunters, and she sat down with Perez to talk about that and soooo much more!

We spoke about her creative process, the insanely amazing story about her first date with her husband, her daughter Tash and working with her on the new album, why Tash has left home for boarding school at the age of 11 - and lots of other goodness.

Check out some highlights from our Tori interview after the jump!

Watch part 1 of our two part chat in full (above)!

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Adele's Someone Like You Soars After VMA Performance!

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The reign of the Goddess continues!

Someone Like You, the latest by Adele, has sky-rocketed from 19-1 on the Billboard Hot 100, as well as 11-1 on Digital Songs with 275,000 downloads sold, and from 42-19 on Radio Songs, with 46 million all-format audience impressions!

Not surprised, considering the complete PERFECTION of her VMA performance of the same single!

It's no wonder!

Congratulations once again, gurl!

Now rest that voice up so we can get more of that unbelievable gift of yours!

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