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Betty White Penning TWO Books!!!

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Now this is a memoir we will stand in line for! In fact, is it available for pre-order yet????

Sources have confirmed that the legendary Betty White has signed a deal to pen not one, but two books. The spunky 88-year-old actress will start in 2011, with the release of her first book, Listen Up!

The publisher, G.P. Putnam's Sons, explains that the book will include what Betty has learned over "her incredibly varied, decades-long career in Hollywood."

It's sure to be a phenomenal read! We can't wait to get to the Golden Girls chapters!!!

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The Last Golden Girl

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Tonight, Betty White sits down with Nightline for a very special interview as she looks back at her Golden Girls co-stars she has lost over the past few years.

Check out the clip to see an emotional Betty reminisce about her friends. (above)

So sad! We miss them too, Betty!

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Betty White Responds To News Of Rue McClanahan's Death.

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Heart wrenching.

Upon hearing the news of Rue McClanahan's passing, her fellow Golden Girl, Betty White, released this statement:

"Rue was a close and dear friend. I treasured our relationship. It hurts more than I even thought it would, if that's even possible."

We can't even begin to fathom how difficult losing all her former co-stars must be.

Rest in peace, Rue.

You will be missed.

[Image via AP Images.]

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Jersey Shore: Senior Edition!

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Good for them!!

Why should the guidos and guidettes get all the fun?!

WEtv is getting its own Jersey Shore/Golden Girls hybrid called Sunset Daze, which chronicles the lives of the elderly folk living in Arizona's Sun City Grand retirement village!!

And these gramps and grannies know how to pAArty - they apparently have no problem getting freaky in the hot tub, packing heat at a firing range, and guzzling wine! And that's all in the first episode!

Castmember Sandy Miracle-Jones says:

When people compare us to "Jersey Shore," all I have to say is, "What a nice compliment. Thank you very much." To be compared to twentysomethings, what's not to like about that? I don't think we're as crazy as they are, but we're not dead, either. We have a lot to look forward to, and I think that most of us want to make the most of it.

Just the mere fact that these people know who our beloved Snooki Snickers is gives us reason enough to watch!

What do U think?? Are U looking forward to Sunset Daze??

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Can Betty White Get Even MORE Awesome?? YES.

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Baddest bitch Betty White is obviously the best person ever to be graced into existence, but that still doesn't stop her from bringing the AMAZEBALLS on a daily basis!

Girlfriend is FINALLY hosting Saturday Night Live on May 8th, and when she rolled onto set today, she apparently showed her gratitude by bringing the cast and crew CHEESECAKE!


A source says:

"Betty is from the old school. The one thing she learned from The Golden Girls is that everything is better with cheesecake. She already has the cast eating out of her hand. They think she is one of the funniest, most talented people they have ever met — and they love that Betty has told them nothing is off limits for her."


We cannot WAIT for her to host!! She is going to school everyone on that show!

What do U think?? Are U excited to learn a thing or two about sketch comedy from the baddest bitch??

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PETA Uses Bea Arthur In New Ad

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This is cringe-worthy!

PETA is using the image of deceased Golden Girl Bea Arthur in their anti-chicken cruelty ad.

The animal rights organization claims Bea left money to them in her will. If it's true, we hope they at least got her family's permission to use her for the campaign!


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Friends STILL Talking About Farrah's Oscar Snub!!


All right, all right, we agree that it was TOTALLY effed up, but nothing can be done now, so let's get off the press circuit and try to let it go, people!!

Friends of Farrah Fawcett are still up in arms about the late actress's Oscar snub this year and, despite a half-assed apology from Academy bosses, are still speaking out publicly about what they are calling "unforgivable!"

Alana Stewart Hamilton, a producer of the documentary Farrah's Story, says:

"I think they are saying they are sorry that family members and friends are upset. It is not just family members and friends. I said that to Mr. Davis, in all due respect, today. I said, it is millions of fans. The minute she was not part of that memorial, it started on Twitter. The emails I've gotten, people are outraged by it…I just want to make one point. In all due respect, Michael Jackson is a huge music icon, but I believe he only did one movie."

Candy Spelling - WTF? - is also not happy about the snub and says:

"I was very surprised. I also was surprised with Jean Barry and Bea Arthur. Bea Arthur was excluded. She was in at Annie Mame, with Lucille Ball, not the original one. She did another film or two. Because she was so well known as Maude and Golden Girls, they thought she was more television."

We honestly sympathize. But we think it's time to stop using this as an excuse to get press.

It sucks that they did it, but we think everyone just needs to go back to honoring Farrah's memory and eff the Academy.

What do U think?? Is it time to let Farrah's Oscar snub go??

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