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Ian Somerhalder And Nina Dobrev Tweet Supportive Puppy Love To Each Other!

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Nina Dobrev tweeted support for Ian Somerhalder's dog pre-spaying surgery!

This is just so AH-mazing!

Just because their relationship ended, doesn't mean that Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder have to suddenly be enemies.

We previously mentioned Nina posted a pic of her cutie kitty… well Ian did the same but with his 'dorable doggy!

He Instagrammed a pic (above) and wrote:

"Pls send some positive vibes for my little girl, Nietzsche who goes under the knife to be Spayed in a few minutes!STOP OVERPOPULATION-SPAY AND NEUTER Thank you!"

Aww! Good luck, Nietzsche!

What's great is Nina also tweeted out her support, saying:

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Amanda Seyfried's On Her Knees In New Lovelace Porn Still!


Nobody was more excited than we were when we heard that Amanda Seyfried was going to star in the true-life story of a 1970's porn star, but we can't really figure out what's going on in this new image from the flick.

If you ask us, we're gonna guess she lost a contact lens!


We all know what's going on in this picture, and if it doesn't get your pants-a-shiftin', well, we don't know what to tell you.

If you couldn't tell by the title of the flick, Lovelace, it's about Linda Lovelace — of Deep Throat fame. She helped mainstream the industry, and then did a 180 and renounced that life to become an anti-porn crusader under her own name, Linda Boreman.

We wish we could be in Park City, Utah to see it — it's premiering at Sundance this year!!

We'll let you guys know how it does!

Good luck, Amanda!

[Image via Dale Robinette.]

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Rihanna Tweets Her Love Prayers To Chris Brown Before His Court Appearance

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Chris Brown Rihanna Court Prayers

You know that saying, “bygones be bygones?”

Rihanna is bringing that phrase to a whole new level!

As you’ll recall, Chris Brown was slated to appear in court last Monday to provide documentation that he completed the required six month community service he was charged with, after beating RiRi in 2009.

The hearing was postponed to today, after there were some questions about how many hours Chris had actually performed.

While there are still many who crucify Chris for what he did three years ago, if we’re to understand Rihanna’s Twitter correctly, she isn’t one of them.

Several hours before his court appearance, Rihanna tweeted directly to Chris, saying:

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Russell Crowe And Darren Aronofsky's Noah Launch Date Set!

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Mark your calendars! On March 28, 2014, you'll be setting sail on a voyage of biblical proportions!

It was confirmed this week that that's when you'll be able to see Russell Crowe's take on Noah of Noah's Ark!

Darren Aronofsky has been working on this project, aptly called Noah, for quite some time now — and we hear that March 2014 will be when the wait is over!

We're actually extremely excited to see what Darren does with the material, and what he'll add (or delete) from the tale!

Good luck, guys! We know it'll be fab!

[Image via WENN.]

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Regis Philbin Returning To Host TV… With A New Woman!

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Regis! You trickster!

Regis Philbin is swearing up and down that he made the point when he was leaving his show with Kelly Ripa that he was NOT retiring… but we're pretty sure everyone was under that impression!

Either way, he's baaaaack, and back with a new woman!

Regis is joining… Rachael Ray's Kitchen!!

Way to serve up some, WHAAT NOW!?

He went on the record this week to announce his new gig, saying:

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