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Watch Out, Laptop Thieves! You're Being Watched!

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hidden service can track down stolen laptops

Macbook and iMac owners, breathe easy! If your computer gets stolen, you can get it back!

There's a new Mac app called Hidden, which provides the following service, as described on its website:

"If your computer is stolen, Hidden will show you where it is and who has it."

And here's a testimonial about the service from Brad Reisner at Charitybuzz:

"We had a Mac ‘misplaced’ at a charity event so we logged into hiddenapp.com, marked the laptop stolen and followed the Google Maps dots. When we went to retrieve it the person who ‘found’ it had ripped all the company stickers off. Best $20 I've ever spent."

So cool! And given the fact that it only costs $15/year, we'd say this is def worth the peace of mind!

What do U think? Would U sign up for this service?

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Would You Like Your House Removed From Google's Street View?

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google will delete street view houses if you request it

Does it disturb you that if somebody types your address into Google Maps, they can see your house?

Google CEO Eric Schmidt appeared on CNN's Parker Spitzer on Friday, and had a long back and forth about the subject, which included the issue of "Street View cars" that illegally gather emails and passwords while they scan neighborhoods.

During his CNN appearance, Schmidt made a comment that if people don't want photos of their homes snapped, they should "just move." The comment didn't make it into the Broadcast, but Schmidt's comment did not go unheard.

Here's what Schmidt had to say about it:

"As you can see from the unedited interview, my comments were made during a fairly long back and forth on privacy. I clearly misspoke. If you are worried about Street View and want your house removed please contact Google and we will remove it."

Google has commented that they plan to delete all illegal information they've obtained as soon as possible.

As far as houses are concerned, guess we'll see how responsive Google actually is to people who request their houses be deleted from Google Street View.

Do U want your house deleted from Street View? Or are U okay with it there?

[Image via WENN.]

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