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Brooklyn Beckham Joined Twitter & THIS Young Hollywood Starlet Was The First Person He Followed!

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Welcome to Twitter, Brooklyn Beckham!

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The 15-year-old joined the social media website on Friday, and you'll never believe the first person he decided to follow!

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Katy Perry Lost Her Virginity At 16! Get All The Musical Deets HERE!

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katy perry virginity

Talk about a Teenage Dream!

In a revealing new interview in GQ Magazine, Katy Perry is ready to tell all! Including the story of how she lost her virginity!

Katy was a mere 16 years old.

She was in Nashville in her first attempt to record an album, a gospel rock act that never really took off.

But something got taken off! In the front seat of a Volvo! Katy says

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Meryl Streep's Daughters Eerily Resemble Their Mama Mia!


Who's who???

Meryl Streep was out and about with her beautiful daughters Mamie and Grace, and the craziest part was how similar the two ladies look compared to their mama!

The Into The Woods actress was spotted with her two girls as they made their way through the city of New York!

Meryl is such a beautiful lady, so her daughters are VERY lucky to have inherited her good looking genes.

We wonder if they inherited her acting genes, as well.

Because if they did - they should get into the acting game right now.

The world can always use more Meryl Streep's! Seriously!

In the meanwhile we'll just enjoy more pictures like this one where the family resemblance is plain uncanny!

Have we entered the Twilight Zone or something?!


[Image via FameFlynet Pictures.]

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Laura Dern Sheds Some Light On Her Famous Family!


Laura Dern is one of the best actresses around town.

Which isn't too surprising actually. It is in her jeans genes!

Both of her parents, Bruce Dern & Diane Ladd were ALSO fantastic actors!

But just because she had famous parents there for her while she was growing up, that doesn't mean her childhood was simple.

Hear what she had to say recently about childhood in general:

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Marky Mark And His CUTE Girls Accompany Him To The Grove!


Mark Wahlberg was seen doing some shopping with his beautiful little girls Ella Rae and Grace at The Grove in Los Angeles.

It is SO amazing how Mark Wahlberg has TRANSFORMED from Marky Mark the rapper to a distinguished father and lovable father.

It is straight eerie!

You know what else is eerie?

How cute him and his family is!!!

We think they may even be on performance enhancer drugs, or something like that.

How else could one explain the aura that erupts off them from EVERY picture we see of them.

It just isn't fair.

See more delightful pictures of Mark and his family (below) !!!

[Image via Pacific Coast News.]

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Paul Rudd Pukes Up A Late Show Top 10 List!


During a stage performance in NYC, some sickos spilled his guts — literally — and upchucked off a balcony and ruined everyone's night week!

Last night, The Late Show poked fun at that messy situation!

We haven't laughed at a David Letterman joke since Pluto was a planet, but we appreciate a Paul Rudd cameo!

Ch-ch-check out the star of Grace revealing the "Top 10" thoughts swirling through his mind during the disgusting a-puke-alypse (above)!!

A terrifying night of theater to be sure, but it beats Stand By Me's Barf-O-Rama any day!!

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Perez Reviews: Grace

Now playing at the Cort Theater in New York City, Grace lives up to it's title - and then some!

The play, written by Craig Wright, is a thing of beauty! It effortlessly is filled with substance, without shoving it down your throat. It's thought-provoking and soul-stirring, exploring themes of love, loss, hope, betrayal, regret and - the play's central theme - faith.

In both substance and style, the play reminds us of American Beauty, the iconic Kevin Spacey film from 1999, written by Alan Ball and directed by Sam Mendes.

Grace grips you instantly! Starting off with the bang and continuing from there!

The whole play is one revelation after another. It's like a caramelized onion. Layers upon layers of sweetness! But it's not an easy journey! And the play explores its central themes with honesty and a refreshing open-mindedness. There is no judgement here, just exploration.

Extremely religious types may shy away from the show due to its subject matter. But Grace is not a faith-bashing play. If anything, it's faith-affirming - albeit in a very unconventional way.

We will be thinking about the show for days!

The only slight disappointment we had with the show was with Paul Rudd.

Michael Shannon and Kate Arrington were exceptional! Transcendental! They truly were being! With such ease and naturalness.

Rudd, while not bad, was trying a bit too hard. "Acting"! His portrayal didn't seem as effortless or rich as those of his peers. But, he's still Paul Rudd and still oozes that certain Paul Rudd charm he has!

Ed Asner was also delightful in the show, which we can't recommend enough.

Have you ever had olive oil ice cream? Grace is a lot like that! It's delicious, though it may sound gross. It sorta doesn't sound like it makes sense, but once you've tasted some it makes total sense!

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