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Nicole Kidman's Grace Of Monaco Dethroned From Its Release Date! Find Out Why It Was Yanked From The Schedule HERE!

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This Grace is under fire!

In an epic and ongoing feud, the upcoming Nicole Kidman-acted biopic on Grace Kelly, Grace of Monaco, may not be so upcoming after all, as it has been removed from The Weinstein Company's release schedule entirely.

After the director, Olivier Dahan, threw shade at Harvey Weinstein for delaying the film, Harvey has officially made Princess Grace disappear without a trace from the calendar!

Right now, Harvey is saying that the movie isn't finished, and Olivier is saying that Harvey wanted him to make "pile of sh*t" edits that were "catastrophic."

Yay for creative collaboration!

While no new release date has been set, it was just announced that the film would open the Cannes Film Festival of 2014!

Hopefully, they'll have a film to turn in by then! Come on, guys! Do it for Grace's sake!

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Nicole Kidman Plays A Pretty, Pretty Princess In Grace Of Monaco! See The 1st Trailer HERE!

Nicole Kidman has always been royalty in our eyes, but now the transformation is finally complete!!!

We told you she looked a lot like Grace Kelly before, but we had no idea if she would truly be able to handle playing Hollywood's most majestic mademoiselle… until now!!

Ch-ch-check out the regally righteous Grace of Monaco trailer (above)!

Whoa!!! Will she flawlessly represent one of history's most cherished princesses, or do U think audiences will leave this flick calling for her head?

Grace of Monaco hits select theaters in late November.

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Nicole Kidman Glows As Grace Of Monaco In First Stills!

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nicole kidman grace of monaco stills

When Nicole Kidman was cast as Grace Kelly in Grace Of Monaco, reactions were mixed.

We all know what a great actress Nicole is, but did she look the part?

Well, these new stills should put all the haters in their place!

Ch-ch-check out the pics (below) to see both images in their glorious entirety!

We can't get over Nicole's resemblance to the Hollywood royalty that became actual royalty! We can't wait to see the whole stunning film!

[Image via The Weinstein Company.]

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Nicole Kidman Blasted For 'Untruths' Of Grace Kelly Biopic!

Nicole Kidman Prince Albert Slams Grace Of Monaco

Nicole Kidman plays Grace Kelly in a new film, but there's one person who won't be gracing the film with his blessing- Prince Albert of Monaco!

The Palace of Monaco released a statement blasting Grace of Monaco as being completely distorted. The Palace says:

"The Princely family wishes to emphasise that this film is by no means a biopic. [It contains] major historical untruths and a series of purely fictional scenes.

It recounts one rewritten and needlessly 'glamorised' page in the history of the Principality of Monaco and its family.

The Palace of Monaco cannot accept that the producers of this film imply they have received Their Highnesses' support in any way whatsoever, since this is not the case."

Sure, Prince. Next thing, you'll tell us Abraham Lincoln never fought any vampires!

Sounds like either the film struck a nerve because of a negative portrayal of the Palace- or it really is completely dramatized.

Our money is on the latter, seeing as it is, you know, a movie!

Of course it's glamorized! That's what happens when movie stars play real people!

Though it is pretty tough to imagine over-glamorizing Grace Kelly! You don't get much more fabulous than that!

[Image via WENN.]

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Nicole Kidman To Channel Grace Kelly In New Film!

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Nicole Kidman Grace Kelly

Seems like Nicole Kidman will be getting the honor to play a TRUE Hollywood icon!

The actress is currently in negotiations to play actress-turned-princess Grace Kelly in the upcoming project, Grace Of Monaco!!!

That’s HUGE!

The film will be directed by Oliver Dahan and produced by Pierre-Ange Le Pogam and as of now, looks like it’ll cost about $15 million to produce!

Don’t think you’ll be sitting through some long, drawn-out biopic of the icon’s life — Grace Of Monaco is said to be more of a period piece, taking place in 1962 when France and Monaco weren’t getting along too well and Grace was just coming into her princess role!

The project is already being compared to the film The King’s Speech in regards to tone and we can’t wait to see how it all plays out!!

What do U think of Kidman playing the role of Kelly??

[Images via AP Images/WENN.]

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