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Nicole Kidman Admits Eyes Wide Shut Director 'Had To Coax' Her Into Sex Scenes With Tom Cruise

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Nicole Kidman may have been married to Tom Cruise while filming Stanley Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut, but that didn't make the graphic sex scenes any easier.

In fact, the actress admits that the director had to "coax" her into getting it on in front of the camera with her own husband!

Was the erotic movie the beginning of the end for her marriage to Scientology's golden boy?

According to her, no. Addressing that question, she clarified:

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B2K Singer Slices Wrist Open! Passes Out In Pool Of Blood!

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b2k raz b sliced wrist glass


Shanghai was host to a gruesome celebrity injury Sunday!

Not too long after performing, B2K singer Raz B endured a fateful trip in his hotel room. And we're not talking about the magical mushroom kind…

Mid-trip, Raz instinctively tried to break his fall, but fell through a glass door instead. The shattered glass mauled his wrist — slicing through tendons and everything! OOOUCH!

Immediately, blood began gushing from his poor arm and the shock caused him to quickly pass out. (Scary!!) But fortunately, someone else was also in the room with him. 911 was quickly alerted, and Raz was rushed to Huashan Hospital Fudan University.

After a five hour surgery and decision to cancel the rest of his tour, the B2K performer seems to be doing all right.

Tuesday, he tweeted a semi-statement as well as the HORRIBLY GORY photo of his open wrist.


Still wanna see it?? If you wish …AFTER THE JUMP!

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Is The New Children's Book Vegan Is Love Too Graphic For Kids??

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In the new children's book Vegan Is Love, author Ruby Roth starts her vegan-friendly book with adorable illustrations of animals hugging and being just all-around cuties.

But then things get a bit scary…

The book then includes drawings of dead animals and bloody carcasses. It also says that animals raised for meat have "violent and sad" deaths.


We get the purpose behind the book - trying to teach children how to eat a healthy diet and to have compassion for animals - everything we completely support, but we're not sure if children are ready to see graphic images of how the sausage gets made.

Ruby promises that her "goal is not to scary any child" though.

AND, what does this to say to children who live in meat-eating families?

Watch the video (above) and tell us what U think! Would U read this book to your child??

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Helicopter Pilot Blows The Whistle On The Tuna Industry

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A GRAPHIC video from Greenpeace shows footage taken by a helicopter pilot who works with tuna fishers to help find large groups of tuna.

The fisherman use Fish Aggregation Devices which attract not only tuna, but all other types of marine life.

As a by product, sea turtles, whales, sharks, manta rays and more are caught and killed as "by-catch."

Check out the above video to see an anonyomous helicopter pilots expose on the tuna industry and his call for change.

And again, BEWARE… it is GRAPHIC!

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The White House To Release Osama Death Photo?

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Ew. We're really not sure how we feel about this at all.

Since Osama bin Laden's death at the hands of US forces, there's been a predictable amount of insane skepticism and conspiracy theories regarding the validity of the report.

However, sources at the White House have revealed that President Barack Obama will attempt to make them STFU by releasing a "graphic" photo of the terrorist, deceased due to the bullet wound that went through his head, above his eye.

We can't help but wonder if this is really necessary.

Most of the conspiracy theorists and wackos won't believe him, no matter what's released, and we don't think the rest of the public has to be exposed to something so morbid and unnecessary.

Let's just all be grateful that he can do no more harm to anyone and try to move forward as a country, not revel in his demise.

[Image via AP Images.]

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Anderson Cooper "Little Bit Scared," Moves To Undisclosed Location In Egypt

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As the violence rises in Egypt, Anderson Cooper and his 360 crew have moved to an undisclosed location where they taped Thursday night's show from a dimly lit room.

In this clip (above), Anderson says he's "a little bit scared" for his and his crew's safety and doesn't "really know what the next few hours will hold" for not only his crew, but for the people of Egypt. He continues:

"I can't tell you where we are, frankly for our own safety. Systematically, we have seen journalists attacked…we would like to be showing you instead of…this strange image of us sitting on the floor of an undisclosed location in dim lighting, we would like to be showing you pictures, live pictures, of what's happening in Liberation Square right now, but we can't do that because our cameras have systematically been taken down through threats, through intimidation, through actual physical attacks."

During the segment Anderson shows video footage of violent attacks in Liberation Square.

We warn you, some of the footage is very graphic and very hard to watch.

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Wowza! Caroline Manzo Dragged Into Danielle Staub's Defamation Case By Stauby's Ex!


This takes things to a whole different level. Anyone who's watched The Real Housewives of New Jersey knows that Danielle Staub is a liar, but this is a little sick, even for her!

Sources have learned that Danielle's former costar, Caroline Manzo, was summoned to give testimony in the ongoing court battle between Danielle and her ex-husband, Kevin Maher. It seems Kevin wanted Caroline to give a deposition in the defamation case as she was privy to most of Danielle's horror stories. Caroline complied and began retelling the laundry list of stories Danielle had confided in her about her former marriage.

We warn you now, some of this is pretty graphic and gruesome. Proceed with caution.

The bulk of Caroline's deposition revolved around a handful of stories, stories that Kevin and his lawyers have denied and denied. According to Caroline, Danielle told her that during their marriage, Kevin supposedly raped her atop of broken glass, shot or hanged her dog and worst of all, played Russian Roulette, with the pistol inserted in her vagina!

Deplorable! Caroline didn't know and offered the court only the claims that Danielle shared with her. At one point, she explained:

"She depicted him as a monster. She depicted him as someone who would beat her daily, as someone that put her in the hospital due to the beatings, I want to say on more than one occasion…She claimed to have been hiding in a tree at some point, afraid that when he came home he would find her and beat her. She claimed to be the victim of prostitution due to his demands, that he put her into that world, again depicting him as an absolute monster. And the only reason she stayed with him, because she feared for her life if she left."

Wow! That's pretty effing awful!

Call us crazy, but we have a hard time believing her. Then again, perhaps it was this kind of abuse that turned her into what she is today.

Sad situation, regardless, though.

[Image via WENN.]

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