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Poaching And Habitat Destruction Seriously Threatens Gorillas And Chimps!!

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great apes threatened by poachers(1)

The illegal wildlife trade is literally a multibillion-dollar industry!

The same type of trafficking that's almost made tigers extinct is now threatening great apes!

Chimps, orangoutangs, gorillas and bonobos are all being plucked from their natural habitats and bought by private collectors or disreputable zoos.

The numbers are cray cray!

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This Monkey Makes Itself Throw Up

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proboscis monkey makes it self throw up

The proboscis monkey regularly barffs up its lunch - but it's not because of a poor body image or need for attention.

The proboscis throws up so it can eat the food again!

Gorillas and humans will also sometimes upchuck, rechew, and swallow, but if done on even a semi-regular basis, the actions are considered to be pathological.

“The digestive tract of the proboscis monkey is drastically different from that of humans and great apes. The proboscis monkey has a distinct sacculated (chambered) forestomach where bacterial digestion occurs prior to the glandular stomach.”

explained the author of the study.

At least 23 different monkeys were videotaped regurgitating and rechewing. When this happened, the monkey’s abdomen would contract and the primate would stick its tongue outside its pursed mouth.

He explained the behavior likely allows the monkey to digest larger particles of food faster.

This, he theorized, “means the monkey can eat more sooner, because the bacteria do not need as long to digest the material.”


When we want something "hot and ready" we'll stick to Little Caesars.

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Size Of Dog's Head Can Determine Strength And Speed

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Size of head determines speed and strength

A recent study of over 200 dogs at the International Weight Pulling Association events has shown that the size and width of a canine's head may determine it's strength or speed.

Broad-headed dogs like American Pit-Bull Terriers, American Bulldogs, or Bernese Mountain Dogs were able to pull a noticeably larger amount of weight than narrow-headed dogs like Samoyeds, Siberian Huskies, and Alaskan Malamutes.

However, past studies show narrow-headed dogs are fasted and more efficient at running compared to broad-headed dogs.

Given any trip to a dog race track, this information may sound like a no-brainer, but the study also suggests the same theory applies to humans!

A human head is narrower than other great apes, which suggests humans have adapted to run for longer durations at the expense of strength. It is believed that our ancient ancestors used this increased endurance to chase their prey to death instead of using brute force.

Head size obviously isn't the only factor that determines the speed and strength of an animal, but the study demonstrates that, in general terms, we can't have it all.

William Helton, with the University of Canterbury's Department of Psychology, who was behind this study says:

"Nature does not allow unlimited budgets and the trade-offs are often physical constraints."

Looking in the mirror, it doesn't appear as if we'll be able to rip anybody in half anytime soon, but we'll just have to settle for our cat-like speed and agility to get us through life.

[Image via AP Images.]

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