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The Situation May Be SUED Over iPhone Application!


This is pretty sleazy - even for him!

The Situation recently released an iPhone application which includes a game called Grenade Dodger, inspired by the Jersey Shore star's nickname for less-than desirable gutter trolls.

Apparently, to keep the game as 'authentic' as possible, the design company that made the game, Hey Turbo, sent photographers into clubs with instructions to take pictures of women they considered grenades to use for the feature!

However, one of the aforementioned women realized her likeness was being used, and is threatening legal action!

A source reveals:

"While the girls did know their photos were being taken, they were unaware they were about to become official grenades. It came as a complete surprise and at least one of them is now considering her legal options."

Completely foul!

How on Earth would anybody think doing that is appropriate or acceptable?!

We hope they DO sue - and wipe that shit eating grin right off The Sitch's busted face!

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The Situation Has His Own IPhone App!

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But save your five bucks - it's really lame!

Very soon, you'll be able to carry around all the things you love most about the Jersey Shore's The Situation in the palm of your hand. In his latest attempt to take over the world one annoying gimmick at a time, The Situation is releasing an iPhone App. The app offers fans the chance to live much like the Sitch does, which if you ask us, isn't saying much.

There are five oh so very special features integrated into this app. The first is a workout plan, (no doubt a ploy to get you to buy his workout video!) Then, there is a GTL finder, which will help any struggling pale, dirty and unfit guido find the nearest gym or laundromat with the touch of button. The app also includes a Sitch soundboard and messaging system, in which you can send the abalicious star a message straight to his Facebook.

But it's the fifth and final feature that kind of makes us wonder if this guy has any dignity what so ever. The app introduces a new game called the Grenade Dodger and it's exactly as it sounds. A source explains the premise, saying:

"Grenade Dodger is a really fun game where you can watch these grenades (Jersey Shore slang for ugly girls) drop from the top of the screen and Mike is at the bottom where you, the player, needs to maneuver and dodge grenades. Actual modelsm were chosen from around the world and photographed to use for the game."

So, it's like Pong, but instead of the wanting to tap the ball, you're a disgusting, shallow creep who flees from girls who aren't up to your ridiculously uneven standards.

Fun for the whole family!

This guy has zero shame, but he's certainly not stupid. Guarantee he'll make a nice haul from this venture.

Will U be buying his game?

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