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Bam Margera Opens Up About Ryan Dunn's Death.

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This is just so awful. He looks completely inconsolable.

Bam Margera recently sat down to discuss the tragic loss of his dear friend and Jackass co-star, Ryan Dunn - who lost his life in a car accident last week - and we think it's pretty safe to say that this is not an easy interview to watch.

Check out the segment, in which he

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Liam Neeson Opens Up About Losing Natasha Richardson

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We can't imagine the pain that Liam Neeson must still feel after having lost his wife, Natasha Richardson, in that shocking ski accident two years ago. He's been rather private about the ordeal, handling his grief without the involvement of the press, but this week, for the first time, he's opening up about his loss.

In the March issue of Esquire, Liam recounts the horrible day of Natasha's accident and explained how he almost didn't get to spend her precious last moments together. He explained:

"I walked into the emergency — it's like seventy, eighty people, broken arms, black eyes, all that — and for the first time in years, nobody recognizes me. Not the nurses. The patients. No one… So I went outside. It's freezing cold, and I thought, What am I gonna do? How am I going to get past the security?"

Luckily, a nurse who was on her smoke break finally did recognize Liam and escorted him to Natasha right away. It was there that a group of "young doctors" gave him the "worst" news of his life. Liam reveals that in order to escape the pain after her death, he threw himself into work. He added:

"It's easy enough to plan jobs, to plan a lot of work. That's effective. But that's the weird thing about grief. You can't prepare for it. You think you're gonna cry and get it over with. You make those plans, but they never work…It hits you in the middle of the night — well, it hits me in the middle of the night. I'm out walking. I'm feeling quite content. And it's like suddenly, boom. It's like you've just done that in your chest."

Poor man. He misses her so much - probably always will. It was really brave of him to come forward like this. Maybe talking about it more will help ease some of the pain.

Our thoughts are still with you, Liam, and your boys.

[Image via WENN.]

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Marie Osmond To Open Up To Oprah About Son's Suicide

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What a remarkably brave thing to do.

Marie Osmond was left devastated less than a year ago when her 18-year-old son, Michael Blosil, killed himself, but in light of the recent string of tragic deaths involving gay teens, she's decided to speak out to Oprah Winfrey about losing her son - in hopes that she can help prevent someone else from meeting a similar fate!

A source explains:

"Marie never imagined she would have the strength to talk about this devastating subject, but with so many gay teens committing suicide recently she had no choice. Against the advice of her family and friends Marie herself decided it was time to speak out and called Oprah to ask if she would be interested. This will be the hardest interview Marie has ever done. You can expect a lot of tears and rare pain that only a parent who had lost a child could ever understand. She knows Oprah will ask the hard questions like 'Do you blame yourself?' and 'Do you think you could have done anything differently?' But Marie isn't afraid. She has been asking herself those questions every day since her son took his life."


We can't even imagine the hell that she and her family have endured, so to talk about that kind of grief publicly in order to help others is truly above and beyond.

This is going to be one difficult interview to watch, but certainly necessary.

Stay strong, bb. We're thinking of you.

[Image via WENN.]

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Leo And Kate Comment On Titanic Co-Star Gloria Stuart's Death.


We were saddened to report yesterday that Gloria Stuart passed away at the age of 100, and now her co-stars from the film Titanic, Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, are speaking out and paying tribute to the actress' life.

DiCaprio says:

"Gloria Stuart was a force both on and off screen. An amazingly sweet person, a fantastic actress, and someone who always fought for what she believed in. She was one of the last great actresses from the Golden era of Hollywood. I was honored to have worked along side her. She will be missed."

And Winslet says:

"I am so saddened to hear of the loss of this remarkable woman. I feel blessed to have met her, known her, and to have acted alongside her. Anyone who spent time in her presence will know what an extraordinary shining light she truly was. She will be deeply missed."

Lovely words from both.

She sounded like a truly wonderful person.

Our deepest condolences for their loss.

[Image via WENN.]

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Heidi Responds To News Of Her Plastic Surgeon's Death.

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We may not agree with all the work he did on her, but there's no doubt that he was a very important person in her life!

The shocking news of Dr. Frank Ryan's death has reached Heidi Montag, who notoriously went under the knife of the celebrity plastic surgeon for ten procedures at once, and the reality star is understandably grief-stricken!

She just tweeted the following message:

I am devastated to hear the news of Dr. Frank Ryan's death. He was the most amazing person I have ever known. He was an angel and changed my life and the lives of everyone he met. He was the most brilliant talented surgeon who will ever exist. Dr. Frank Ryan changed the world. My thoughts and prayers go out to his mother, family, friends, and anyone who was ever blessed enough to meet him. He is in a better place.

What a poignant note. So sad.

Our thoughts are with Heidi and all of Ryan's loved ones during this difficult, tragic time.

[Image via WENN.]

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Kathy Griffin Grieves The Loss Of Levi Johnston!

What utter anguish and devastation!

Poor Kathy Griffin must have been as shocked as we were when Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston announced that they had reconciled and were once again engaged, but we obviously didn't have the emotional attachment to the baby daddy that she did!

Those two were in love - and let's be real, it was probably a truer love than what he has with Bristol!

Naturally, the comedienne took to YouTube to let out her grief, and we've never EVER seen this kind of heartbreak! Not an easy one to watch, folks! She really unleashes!

Poor thing! Keep your head up, gurl! You will make it through these dark, difficult days, we promise!


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Little Britain Star Opens Up About Ex-Husband's Suicide

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So unbelievably sad.

British comedian Matt Lucas, who lost his ex-husband, Kevin McGee, to suicide five months ago, is opening up about the horrific tragedy for the first time, and admitted that his Little Britain co-star, David Williams, has been instrumental is his recovery!

He says:

"For a long time it was amazing. We were just so stupid. I am stupid. If I was ever going to end up with anyone they would have to be stupid. I will pull my pants up to my nipples. If I'm attractive, it's a by-product of stupidity. And I don't care. I don't give a fuck. I'm not looking for a partner right now. People will understand if they're aware of some of the things that have been going on in my life. I'm not necessarily looking for a serious relationship but I like meeting new friends. Someone nice. If I was looking, I would look for someone who can just tolerate. Someone who can just walk in when I've got a slice of cake on my head."

"David's my soul mate. He's my brother, honestly. He's been there every step of the way. He's never, ever let me down, and I hope I've never him. This isn't public knowledge but I'm going be his best man at his wedding. That extends beyond being someone's professional partner. We've known each other 20 years this year. We're doing a new series and it's not Little Britain. It's something brand new, with all new characters, and we're going to film it in August and September. We felt it was time to do something else completely different, with completely new characters - a whole new idea."

We're so glad he has friends supporting him during this difficult time and keeping busy with new projects. Those sort of distractions can be so instrumental in dealing with grief!

Keep your chin up, Matt! We're thinking of you!

[Image via WENN.]

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