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Snooki Talks About Her Man!

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We've waited so long to hear about this guido who has stolen the heart of our Snooki Snickers and now, she's finally dishing!

While out promoting her new book, A Shore Thing, Snooks stopped by Jay Leno and he managed to pry out some deets about Jionni LaValle.

Check out the clip (above) to hear all about him!

Sounds like a stand up guy! He's working towards a degree, likes kids and treats her like the golden guidette she should be treated like!

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DJ Pauly D Talks About His New Show

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As we mentioned last month, DJ Pauly D was ready to have his own spinoff show appear on MTV.

And according to the guido, it seems the show will definitely air this year.

Pauly D reveals about the show:

“[The new show is] just basically my life, it’s so much fun.

I’m so happy to be working with MTV again. It’s like the best thing I could have ever asked for.”

No premiere date has been set as of yet, but we have a feeling it’ll soon air.

Will U be tuning in?

[Image via Jody Cortes/WENN.]

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First Look At The New Season Of The Jersey Shore!

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Back in Seaside Heights where they belong!!!

Check out this first sneak peek at the Jersey Shore gals and guidos in the new season! (above)

New roommate, but same old drama! Just the way we like it!

P.S. - We're officially renaming the Vuvuzela a Grenade Whistle!!! Ha!!!

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Was Jersey Shore Idea Stolen?!?!?

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writer says jersey shore idea was stolen from him by mtv

Let's hope this isn't true, MTV! This would NOT be cool!

Writer/producer Christopher Gambale is claiming that MTV stole his idea for Jersey Shore, and he may file a lawsuit against the network.

Gambale says he had submitted a treatment to MTV called Guido: A Reality Series, which he registered with the Writer's Guild of America in 2006.

His treatment included some key Jersey Shore words, such as "guido," "guidette," "nightclubbing," and "Guido fist pump."

The subject from the treatment was described as gym-toned and tanned. BUT did he have heavily-gelled hair?!?!?

Looks like Gambale's attorney sent MTV execs a letter, and they plan on filing a lawsuit one month from Nov 10 if they don't hear a response from the network by then.

One thing Gambale doesn't claim credit for is Snooki.

Here's what he had to say about her:

"Nobody can create that."

We're glad to hear you're not taking credit for Snook, Christopher!

As for the origin of the show's concept, we'll be curious to hear how MTV responds to your complaint.

Do U think MTV stole Gambale's idea?

[Image via WENN.]

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Pearls Of Wisdom, Brought To You By The Situation

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selections from the situtations new book

Next week, The Jersey Show's most eligible guido releases his first book, aptly titled Here's The Situation.

If you haven't already placed yours on pre-order, perhaps these little snippets of wisdom from The Situation's literary gem might change your mind.

Some of the features of the book include a "one-night stand checklist", detailed illustrations on "proper ab maintenance" and tips on sex that include:

"The best sex is often with a grenade — because she's so grateful."

"Chicks do dig guys with shaved legs . . . maybe they're into the Michael Phelps look."

"Before any chick gets into my bed I make her slide into a 200-degree Jacuzzi to sterilize any microbial bacteria that might endanger my health."

Yes, he is serious! (We also wonder if he realizes herpes is not something you can kill in a Jacuzzi!)

Still not convinced to buy this book? Well, hold on … we've saved the best for last!

In the book, The Situation provides a small prayer to say onto the Lord so that we all might be better guidos. He writes:

"God grant me the stamina to satisfy hot chicks, the courage to deny grenades, and the wisdom to know the difference."

Catchy! LOL!

He's soooo deep, you guys!

How many of U think you'll be reading this fine example of genius prose?

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Snookin' For Love No More?!

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snooki has a new boyfriend and won't be doing new reality show, snooki' for love

WTG?! (That's What The Guido?!)

While rumors have been circulating for like forever that Snooki will be getting her own dating show, the guidette has been doing nothing but talking NON-STOP about this new man she's got!

As we were checking out her Twitter this weekend, we couldn't help but notice all these references to a "boo." There was some bonding with her "boo" and her dad and there was so just downright lovin' with her "boo." Since we heard she was doing a reality show, we were somewhat surprised by all this. And then she dropped the bomb on us. Last night, she wrote:

"Let's clear this up kids, I did not get my own dating show. And plus, I gotta man , I don't need anybody else :)"

Fine, but who the hell is he? Does he GTL? How is his fist pump? Does he like pickles?

We need answers, BB! Give us the deets!!!

[Image via WENN.]

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The Situation, Serious Actor???

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How will he be killed? Will somebody fist pump him through his abs?

Bones series creator Hart Hanson wants “The Situation” to play a murder victim in an upcoming episode. Here’s what Hanson had to say about it:

“We’re trying to get The Situation to play a murder victim. A guido is killed and Booth and Brennan enter that world to find out what happens. We’re not sure if it’ll happen or not. Talks are ongoing.”

Sources say The Situation’s character would be a fitness guru named Ritchie “The V” Genero.

Who will murder The Sitch? Do you think there’s any chance they’ll also bring in Snooki as the murderer?

[Image via WENN.]

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