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New Iron Man 3 IMAX Poster Shows Tony Stark All Banged Up!

new iron man 3 international poster released

Just as we were starting to recover from the EPIC new trailer for Iron Man 3, Marvel gives us something else to be excited about!

A new IMAX poster for the highly anticipated superhero flick was recently released, and it looks like Tony Stark can use a band-aid!

Unlike the last poster, this one shows us the whole cast as Robert Downey Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow, Don Cheadle, and newcomer Guy Pearce all look quite sexy concerned about something! We also get our first good look at Sir Ben Kingsley as the new villain, The Mandarin!

Ch-ch-check out the AWESOME new Iron Man 3 poster (above)!

So far, we're DEFINITELY liking what we see and we can't wait for the movie to hit theaters in May!

[Image via Marvel.]

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Robert Pattinson Looking Damn Dirty & In Trouble In Australia

robert pattinson guy pearce the rover still

Luckily it’s all just for his new movie!

Robert Pattinson is really getting into his new role for The Rover no matter how uncomfortable it might be at times.

And it sure is looking rough as a new pic from the set was released of the star covered in dirt, blood and sweat while Guy Pearce holds a gun to him.

Too bad his former Twilight vampire skillz can’t help him out of this one!

We’ve been worried RPatz is all about having fun in the land down under now that he’s taking a break from time with his girlfriend (ex?), Kristen Stewart, but this looks like anything BUT fun.

We bet he’s aching to get back in her arms take a hot shower!

And we know someone who's free to scrub him down…..US!

[Image via Entertainment Weekly.]

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Robert PattinsonRobert PattinsonRobert PattinsonRobert PattinsonRobert Pattinson

NEW Iron Man 3 Trailer Released! See The Battle HERE!

Tony Stark is back and ready for the fight of his life!

Robert Downey, Jr. is returning as one of the best super heroes ever, and if the first trailer for the third Iron Man wasn’t enough to put us on the edge of our seats, this intense and emotional NEW trailer pretty much has us falling out of our damn seats.

Iron Man 3 is bringing it big time as the new trailer gives us a glimpse of what Tony will be tangoing with this time around.

And it ain’t pretty!

Plus, shizz getting serious when it comes to Tony's love life. Yup, we're talking Pepper Potts dramz!

With Don Cheadle, Guy Pearce, Sir Ben Kingsley and, of course, Gwyneth Paltrow making their appearances, the insanity of this trailer is set on level HIGH!

Ch-ch-check it out (above)!

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Robert Pattinson Is All Laughs In Australia While Lovin’ Life Without Kristen Stewart

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We know someone who isn’t missing Kristen Stewart!

And gurlfriend might want to be worried because Robert Pattinson is looking beyond great while working in Australia.

The Twilight hunk took part in a video for Topfest 2013 with Guy Pearce, and we have to admit, we’re so happy to see Rob looking so, well, happy!

R-Patz looked laid back while filming the greeting for the festival with his costar in The Rover.

Seriously, has he ever looked better??

But don't take our word for it, ch-ch-check it out (above)!

And KStew, you might want to jump on a plane, like, yesterday…unless you're no longer innerested!

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Robert PattinsonRobert PattinsonRobert PattinsonRobert PattinsonRobert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson Causes Twi-Gasms Down Under! Kristen Stewart Nowhere In Sight!

He's a charmer! A broody-vampire charmer!

Robert Pattinson is currently in Australia filming The Rover with Guy Pearce, and is notably sans a Kristen Stewart

AND he's apparently been pAArtying hAArd and spreading the love to multiple lady fans!

Because why the hell not!

One lucky lass described her Rob encounter, gushing:

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Guy Pearce's Cigarette Turns Us Off

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guy pearce cigarette smoking gross

Gross, Guy Pearce. Just gross.

Ugh, it's starting to happen more and more that we see famous people that we love and respect (and that get us all hot and bothered) lighting up cigarettes. This isn't the 1940's anymore, guys, we know that cigarettes cause cancer.

What's the point??

Are all celebs so stressed out that cigs are the only way they can cope? We hope not, because yoga will be pissed to find out it isn't working for the Hollywood elite. Ha!

We're bummed by this, Guy!

[Image via Pacific Coast News.]

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The FULL Iron Man 3 Trailer Has ARRIVED! Watch HERE!

All of the recent buzz surrounding Iron Man 3 has finally culminated with THIS!

Within the last week, we've gotten an official plot synopsis for the third installment of the Robert Downey, Jr.-fronted superhero franchise, a sneak peek of some EXCITING new production stills, a BADASS new teaser poster, and now…the film's FIRST theatrical trailer!

And let us just confirm now that the HYPE has been SERIOUSLY justified!

But don't take our word for it! See for yourself (above)!

As we've reported, the Shane Black-directed sequel will see Tony Stark forced

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