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Scarlett Johansson Hacker Enters Guilty Plea!

ScarJo Hacker Plead

Good! Maybe the punishment will keep him from doing this ever again!

Scarlett Johansson's hacker has just entered a guilty plea!

It's true! The Floridian man accused of hacking into ScarJo's email account (and Mila Kunis') has now plead guilty to nine felony charges. He's in custody!

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Rupert Murdoch Ordered To Pay Jude Law And 35 Others Big $$$ For Hacking Their Phones!!

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jude law rupert murdoch

What goes around comes around… in the form of MONEY, HONEY!!!

After admitting to hacking into Jude Law's phones and keeping him under tight surveillance, Rupert Murdoch and his British newspaper company have agreed to pay him $200,000 in apology dollars.

Jude has been so pissed about this from day one. He explains:

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Ashton Plots His Twitter (And Foursquare) REVENGE!

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Amanda Clarke would be proud!

Ashton Kutcher didn't take too kindly when his beloved Twitter and Foursquare accounts got hacked.

Once he got his online affairs back in order, he tweeted his retort to his cyber-hacker:

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Piers Morgan Gets Himself Into Hot Water During Hacking Testimony


Piers Morgan testified via video conference regarding the phone hacking scandal during his time as Daily Mail editor.

News of the World allegedly hacked Paul McCartney's ex's phone and listen to their conversations.

When asked if he listened to any of the voicemails, Morgan admitted he did.

He even said he heard the Beatle serenade Heather Mills after an argument.

Mills states no one could hear her voicemails unless

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Celeb Hacker Is "Addicted" To Spying On Stars

The hacker who has been dipping into celebrity email accounts and phones, like ScarJo's, has claimed that he had become addicted to spying on them.

He also said that he's glad he was caught because of how intense the addiction was:

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Scarlett Johansson Getting The FBI Involved With Nude Photo Leak!

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We were all SHOCKED to see ScarJo be the latest celebrity with nude photos, and so was she…to see them leaked!

A source connected to Scarlett Johansson has informed the media the FBI will be contacted this morning, as she believes this was part of a criminal act.

Wow, we're surprised she's not saying they were taken underage!!!

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NOTW May Have Tapped Mobiles Of 9/11 Victims

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Murdoch 9/11 Hack

Let's ask this straight up: why would anyone at a news organization think that hacking and tapping phones is okay?

We're not even talking about the fact that they might have done this to victims from 9/11, but that makes it even worse.

Rupert Murdoch arrived in London yesterday for a few different reasons, but the one he wasn't expecting was to be hit with the claim that News of the World reporters hacked the phones of 9/11 victims.

The claim came from a former NY cop. He alleged that NOTW journalists contact him and offered to pay him if he would provide them with private phone records of the dead from 9/11.

They wanted the phone numbers and a list of calls they made leading up to the attack.

“This investigator is used by a lot of journalists in America and he recently told me that he was asked to hack into the 9/11 victims’ private phone data. He said that the journalists asked him to access records showing the calls that had been made to and from the mobile phones belonging to the victims and their relatives.

“His presumption was that they wanted the information so they could hack into the relevant voicemails, just like it has been shown they have done in the UK. The PI said he had to turn the job down. He knew how insensitive such research would be, and how bad it would look.

“The investigator said the journalists seemed particularly interested in getting the phone records belonging to the British victims of the attacks.”

That's just disgusting. How can anyone even bring themselves to ask for something like that? We're extremely glad the P.I. turned it down.

That kind of privacy should never be broken. We'll never understand how the people over at NOTW thought these were okay ideas, and we're pulling for them to be punished appropriately!

We also wonder if a huge company like this can hack for so long without being caught just how many other people out there are doing it. Kind of a scary thought.

Have some self respect, people!

[Image via WENN.]

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