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Lena Dunham's Girls Reality Show To Star Hailey Glassman!

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hailey glassman girls reality show star

The woman who ruined John Gosselin's marriage is going to be a star!!!

..Or at least a reality TV star.

Lena Dunham's Girls-inspired unscripted series is well on its way and the first person to be cast is none other than ex-mistress Hailey Glassman!!!

Of the millions of hipsters in New York, why Hailey??

An insider explained:

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Hailey VS Jon!

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Jon Gosselin recently took to his Twitter to "clarify a few things" about his life and his relationship with his children and ex-wife, Kate Gosselin.

While it could be construed as a decent gesture, Jon forgets that none of us actually care anymore. His fans of have all since moved on to a man with much more hair and 3 extra wives.

But someone else who hasn't gotten that memo that the Gosselin's time is up is Jon ex-girliefriend, Hailey Glassman. After she read Jon's apology on Twitter, she decided to go on a rant of her own, throwing Jon's wish for a more "positive direction, right off course!

What's really the best part of this whole reprimand act Hailey's trying out is that everything she is saying to Jon, we wish we could say to her. She's a young girl who is wasting her life trying to get media attention by ragging on a man she barely knew and slept with merely for the publicity. Jon has his kids to think about, but she has her whole life to consider. Is this really how you want to spend it???

Regardless of what we think, Hailey released her own statement in response to Jon's allegations that he is making amends and studying with a life coach. She says:

"Jon Gosselin, oh Jon G, when are you going to learn, if you truly care STOP GOING TO THE MEDIA oh excuse me even worse VIA TWITTER about your family! All I have to say about him is SAME OLD JON.

He always uses his children as a negotiation tactic and to get sympathy from the public. He truly should get real help and not his 'life coach' who I know due to he had her when we were together. She even called my family and spoke to my parents about Jon to tell us to 'accept his lying and not get mad at him for it because he will then never tell the truth.

If she was such a great 'life coach' (lol at life coach) she would help Jon get the real help he needs so he can then be chemically balanced. He swoones her like he does all his naive girlfriends: a.k.a. I know me being one of them in the past.

JUST GO AWAY, oh and 'lastly'- PAY ME MY MONEY JON.

Here Jon, even though you still have not paid me my $200,000 back yet, I consulted with an attorney and have another 2 years to sue you but since I'm such a good person I will give you free life coaching right now:

1-Get a job so you can rejoin society and stop living in your own little world off your ex wife and children's money. It's extremely unhealthy how you live Jon.

2-Stop making excuses for everything and always blaming others, take responsibility.

3- ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THEN WORDS, you can talk the talk all you want but if you consistently pull the same statements and kvetching, year after year obviously the world knows you are a liar and nothing that comes out of your mouth is true. If you told the world at this point the sky was blue people would probably go outside to make sure, because you have proven yourself a liar consistently, and throughout the 7 years I have known you, you have always been a liar.


5- Everything Happens For a Reason.

I hope you one day truly do seek the real treatment you and I know you need. The first step is admitting you have a problem and well you're a pathological liar so I can see how the first step would probably be hard for you. I hope you get help and the only person hurting your children is you Jon."

Did you get all that Jon? There was a lot of BS to weed through, but there were some nuggets of borrowed wisdom that you could and should take to heart!

[Image via WENN.]

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Jon Threatening To Pulls Kids From TV Again?

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Here we go!

Jon Gosselin's leadership coach Dr. Sylvia Lafair says that he is "devastated" his ex-girlfriend Hailey Glassman accused him of extorting his ex-wife Kate Gosselin for hundreds of thousands of dollars!

Dr. Lafair says:

“Jon has moved on and he hasn’t spoken with Hailey in well over a year. Claims with CPS were never filed, and there is no CPS in PA, it’s called Children and Youth Services. Jon is very saddened and frustrated because he is working in the best interests of his children. These are incendiary statements made by someone who Jon had a brief relationship with a long time ago.”

And now Jon is up to his old tricks again and he wants his kids OFF Kate's new shows on TLC Kate Plus 8 and Twist of Kate!

Dr. Lafair adds:

“Jon wants his children to have a camera-free and undocumented life. He wants his kids to live and have the kind of normalcy that kids need. He doesn’t want his kids to come to him when they are teens or adults and say he didn’t try to protect their privacy.

"This is one of the things he wants to do. He wants to protect his children and he is in the process of trying to figure out how to do that, but that’s all I can tell you right now.”


Give it up, Jon!

[Image via WENN.]

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Homewrecking Hailey Sues Team Jon Gosselin!


Back with a vengeance!

Homewrecking Hailey Glassman invested a lot of time and energy in building a reality show career by slumming around with Jon Gosselin. She watched it all be thrown away as Jon and his lawyer, Mark Heller, dragged her name through the mud when Jon's apartment was "ransacked" last December.

Well, her name might not be tattooed on Jon's back, but she wants the recognition she worked so minimally hard for. She is suing Jon's lawyer for defamation! She told sources:

"He defamed me. He went after me full force… he made a statement to every media outlet saying I was going to jail for four years. Not only was I never arrested, I was never charged and later dropped as a person of interest."

Dropped as a person of interest. Yeah, that makes sense on several levels.

It is smart that she is trying to shake money out of Mark and not Jon. Better to go after someone who actually has a job!

[Image via WENN.]

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Jon Gosselin Gets High: The Sequel!

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Hailey Glassman has got one hell of a grudge!

Yesterday, a home video was posted online of Jon Gosselin stoned out of his mind and rambling on about French people and cigarettes. The video was taken from last year, when he was on vacation in St. Tropez with Homewrecking Hailey.

Today, Part Two has been released! In the sequel, Jon has moved on from spliffs to Crystal, but his ramblings about the French and how much they suck continues.

Also, there are still Pringles. They are in St. Tropez and they are eating Pringles. Classy.

If you want to see Jon wasted off his ass CLICK HERE and enjoy!

Wonder what tomorrow's video will be about?

Hailey, want to give us a preview???

(P.S. - How much could she possibly be making selling off these things? A couple hundred? Desperate!)

[Image via WENN.]

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Homewrecker Cleared In Jon Gosselin's Apartment Break In!

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And we're sure he's pissed!

Hailey Glassman is no longer a suspect in the break in of Jon Gosselin's NYC apartment.

Homewrecker's lawyer, Stephanie Ovadia, said:

"The NYPD informed us today that Hailey is no longer a person of interest in the break-in. She feels that the truth has finally come out and the cloud that's been hanging over her head had finally lifted."

Of course, Hailey had something to say about it herself.

"Stubby tried to frame me N set me up to go to jail!" she Tweeted. "He ruined his own things 2 claim insurance $!"

Ha! For once, we're on her side.

P.S. CLICK HERE to "follow" Perez on Twitter!

[Image via WENN.]

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Homewrecking Hailey Begging To Be On clASSy Reality Show!


Yes, it's officially the worst idea EVER!

As if she hasn't offended enough people by effing Jon Gosselin and befriending Michael Lohan, Hailey Glassman is campaigning to be on the reality show documenting "Jewish American Princesses."

“I’m the ultimate JAP,” said Hailey. "Besides Judaism, David Yurman is our religion! I could teach youngsters how to be good JAPS…wear black spandex and Uggs, only drink Pellegrino and never, ever drink tap water.”

STOOPID! Not to mention, her fug face is not fit for the camera.

And she's actually a frontrunner to join the cast!

“I think Hailey is an interesting character and would be great for reality TV,” said producer Jenn Hoffman.

Of course, Glassman continued to promote herself!

The disgrace to the race said:

“I definitely think I should be the first to be cast. I’m being brutally honest. I have a huge following. The media always makes fun of the things I say and the way I talk. I’d be great for the show. I actually had the same idea three months ago only I wanted to call it 'JAPS In the Hamptons.'

We JAPS have what I like to call entitlement syndrome. I only wear designer brands, I don’t eat meat off the bone, I drink Fiji water or Pellegrino. I would rather die of dehydration than drink tap water. My signature outfit is black spandex, Uggs and white v-neck t-shirts. It’s a different mentality.

JAPS in New York are kind of crazy, but I’m really nice. I’m family-oriented.”

Ugh. Hopefully, this show doesn't happen! If by some miracle it does, we fear a rise in hate crimes.


[Image via WENN.]

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