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Mary-Kate Is Shacking Up With Her Older New Man!


Whether her father likes it or not, Mary-Kate Olsen seems to be serious about her relationship with former French President Nicolas Sarkozy's half-brother, Olivier!

So serious, in fact, that the 26-year-old plans to move in with the 43-year-old to the townhouse in New York City that he recently bought!

A source explains:

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Demi Moore's Half-Brother Beat His Girlfriend With Phone!!

James Harmon Mugshot

Well, this is just sad.

Poor Demi Moore has enough to deal with, but being related to THIS GUY must be icing on the self-destructive cake.

It has recently emerged that Demi’s half-brother, James Craig Harmon, was convicted in 2006 for beating his girlfriend up with a telephone in 2005 in a Houston Motel (what is with people using phones as weapons?? It’s a tool of communication for pete’s sake!).

The sadist even told his girlfriend that if he killed her he could easily make it look like a suicide. Luckily, a security guard intervened and she lived, while Harmon was put away until 2015.

Even though they share a bloodline that’s obviously where the similarities stop. While we don’t know what kind of relationship Demi has with her half-brother (if any) apparently Demi didn’t even know their father Charles Harmon, who left her mother before the star was even born.

We hope you work it all out in rehab Demi, that’s what you’re there for!!

If you want to see the details for yourself, check out the police report (below)!

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