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Michelle Williams Brushes Off Keyshia Cole's Super Criticism

michelle williams keyshia cole superbowl feud continues

Being the classy Child that she is, Michelle Williams REFUSES to play dirty in response to Keyshia Cole's rough critique of her Super Bowl halftime performance.

However, following Keyshia's put down, a fake tweet was created by one of Michelle's fan in response … which obviously was going to lead to good things!

The fan tweeted on BEHALF of Michelle, saying:

fake michelle williams tweet

Obviously, no one can speak better for Michelle than Michelle herself, so girl clarified soon after that she was not responsible for the bash!!

She retaliated on her Twitter to EVERYONE involved, saying:

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Beyoncé Switched Up The Super Bowl Setlist At The Last Minute! Which Destiny's Child Songs Did She Ditch?

destinys child super bowl reunion performance 1

Kelly, can you handle this? Michelle, can you handle this? Beyoncé, can you handle this?!

While the majority of America seemed more than happy with the Destiny’s Child reunion at the Super Bowl halftime show, it sounds like it almost went WAY differently!

Although we LOVED how the ladies sang Bootylicious and Independent Women Part I, along with Bey’s Single Ladies, we wished they included MORE of the girl group’s hits!

Where was Say My Name? What about Survivor? Or even their drumline-assisted Lose My Breath?

Well, it seems like the entire show was switched up last minute, with Queen Bey deciding to get rid of Bills, Bills, Bills — one of their biggest hits — to go with Bootylicious instead!

An insider revealed:

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Beyoncé Belts It Out For Realz With Destiny's Child At Super Bowl XLVII!

If anyone still had any doubts about Beyoncé's singing ability, they sure were put to rest today!

The lights and pyrotechnics and dance choreography were amazing, but the real fireworks came from Beyoncé herself!

Not to mention the voices of Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams! That's right! Destiny's Child together again!

Ch-ch-check out the video (above) to see the reunion that was, well, destined to happen!

They aren't Single Ladies anymore! They're a trio!

OMG, this blew our minds so much! We're totes going to watch it over and over!

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Beyoncé AND Destiny's Child To Cause Musical Bonerz At Super Bowl Show!!!

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We called it!!!

And we are SO ready for this Super Bowl of jelly!!

Yesterday proved to be an exciting day in music news; Justin Timberlake announced his sexy back is "ready" to unleash new tunes unto the world, a rumored Jay-Z, JT and Beyoncé collaboration may drop any day, Lady Bey is working on her FIFTH studio album which is set to be released as soon as April…

AND the Diva Extraordinaire, Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland will release a compilation of Destiny's Child love songs, which includes a brand NEW tune called Nuclear!

Brainz exploding everyyywhere!

BUT NOW we hear that the Survivors are planning on REUNITING during Beyoncé's Super Bowl show for a very special Destiny's Child performance!!

I don't think we can handle this!!!! LOLz!!!

The Empress will apparently

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Beyonce Officially Confirms Super Bowl Halftime Performance!!!!!!

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We previously mentioned that a super anonymous source said that Beyonce would be performing at the Super Bowl halftime show!

And they weren't lying!!

Beyonce has officially announced that she will play the Super Bowl 2013 halftime show!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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High School Cheerleader Sets World Record During Football Game Halftime!

During halftime at the St. Mark's School of Texas' game against the Oakridge School, a 16-year-old high school cheerleader became a world record holder!

She made her mark in the Guinness Book of World Records by doing 35 back handsprings… in a row!!

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