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Here's Kate Upton's Carl's Jr. Commercial!

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We're relatively sure nobody has ever eaten a hamburger this way, but, that won't stop Carl's Jr. from using it to sell their new "patty melt"!

Check out Kate Upton — who is a bombshell of a swimsuit model — totally eat the hell out of this burger for a commercial.

Turns out,

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Scientist Using Stem Cells To Grow A Hamburger In His Lab

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Burger from the lab

Forget grass-fed beef. How about Petri dish grown beef instead?

Mark Post, a vascular biologist at the University of Maastricht in the Netherlands, thinks he'll be able to grow a hamburger in his lab in one year's time by using stem cells harvested from leftover animal material from the slaughterhouse floor.

Sounds kinda gross at first, but if it works, this process could eventually save countless animals' lives

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5 Horrifying Facts About Fast Food!

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It's almost Halloween, which means that we're in the business of scaring the shizz out of you. So we're showing you this video.

It contains 5 horrifying facts about fast food.

Mmmmmm! Glass!


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Domino's Pizza Founder Creates Marine-Themed Hamburger Chain

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Marine Burger Joint

This is really interesting!

The chain, created by Domino's Pizza founder (who happens to be a former Marine) Tom Monaghan, offers no drinks and no sides, just burgers.

Not only that, but this happens:

Gyrene is a nickname for a Marine. When you order from Gyrene, men in camouflage outfits ("gyrene joggers") will run from a delivery car toward your door, hand you your burger, call you "Sir" or "Ma'am" as is gender appropriate, salute, and then run back to the car. The menu offers no drinks and no sides. Just burgers and faux Marines, running straight at you.

Sounds like quite the experience!

Though, we're not sure how well it'll work if there aren't any drinks. Who eats a burger without at least a bottle of water??

We'd like to see it in action, though!

[Image via AP Images.]

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In-N-Out’s Texas Opening Causes Woman To Cry

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Tears of joy!!!

It’s official: People love the shit out of In-n-Out.

So much so that it brought a woman to tears in Texas.

We’ll cut her a little slack, though, because she is from California. In-n-Out probably reminds her of home.

But seriously… we hope she doesn’t do this every time she eats there! LOL!

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Marina Gets Patriotic


We pledge of allegiance to Marina Diamandis' pants.


On Wednesday, Marina and the Diamonds took the stage at the Falls Music & Arts Festival in Australia wearing some flashy American flag pants.

To complete her look, the new face of Max Factor wore a custom Manjit Deu for Adidas letterman jacket, boots and a hamburger.

Hey, it fits the theme.

[Image via Getty Images.]

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Mandy Moore Doesn’t Obsess Over Her Diet

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Mandy Moore Doesn’t Obsess Over Her Diet

When Mandy Moore wants a hamburger, she eats a hamburger. And she still looks fabulous!

Said Mandy:

"I'm not obsessive about [dieting]. If I want to have a burger and fries like I did [the other] night in the park, then I'm going to do that because that's okay.”

While she’s found a balance in dieting, Mandy says that she wasn’t always so carefree:

"[There have been times] when it's the first thing on my mind all the time. I'm so affected and driven by that diet and what I'm eating and how much I'm exercising. I've just realized in time that if it's a constant thread in the background of my life. That's when I'm the happiest and that's when I feel the best about myself."

Mandy Moore is in a great place with her health and body. Maintaining a fitness routine and diet that allows you to not stress over every last calorie should be everyone’s goal!

[Image via RHS/WENN.com.]

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