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More Deets on Paulina's Arrest


New details are coming out on why Paulina Rubio was put in handcuffs after getting into a minor accident in Miami on Saturday.

According to a police report, Paulina refused to get out of her car after cops instructed her to and started to curse at them in Spanish.

When they told her she was under arrest, she got out of her car and began yelling out, "Help! Help! I didn't do anything! Look what they're doing! Help! Abusers! You bunch of liars! Help!" as they placed her in handcuffs.

It took a whole hour for her to calm down, in which she finally did and apologized.

Sources said that the charges were minor and police didn't see a reason to take her into custody.

However, a police report shows that Paulina claimed she had "an extenuating circumstance," and couldn't be taken to jail. Her extenuating circumstance was that she had to breast feed her 6-month-old child.

You're lucky the cops didn't throw your arse in jail! You better thank your lucky stars they let you go, chica!

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Estella Warren Won't Be Charged With Fleeing From The Cops


Lucky break, girl!

Remember the crazy story of model and actress Estella Warren driving under the influence, crashing her car, assaulting a cop, and then attempting to FLEE by escaping out of her handcuffs??

Believe it or not, Estella is actually escaping her flee charges due to a technicality.

Law enforcements say that because she was in handcuffs BEFORE she was booked into the system, she did not commit a felony escape.

Even though her charges for assault, hit and run, and DUI remain, Estella got really lucky by escaping such a damaging charge.

What WERE you thinking, btw???

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Shia LeBeouf Opens Up About Bar Brawl On Ellen

Ellen, of all interviewers, has gotten Shia LeBeouf to open up about his El Lay bar brawl which landed him in handcuffs last February.

Surprisingly, he actually owns up and takes responsibility for at least some part of the conflict, but not all of it.

Check out the clip above and hear what Shia has to say about the incident.

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Shia LaBeouf Arrested And Released After Bar Fight!!

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Oh shizz!

Shia LaBeouf got in a bar fight Friday night and was placed in handcuffs, but was eventually released.

Hanging out at one of his favorite watering holes, the Mad Bulls Tavern in Sherman Oaks, California, things got a little out of hand and Shia was punched in the face by a local patron.

Sources close to the star say that he was jumped on his way out of the bar.

Police arrived shortly after and everyone involved were placed in handcuffs.

Luckily for Shia, he was soon let go and no arrest record was made.

Wowsa. We're not sure what went down, but it does seem like Shia has a bit of a temper, doesn't he??

Hopefully, nobody got hurt.

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Ashton & Demi Design Jewelry For Love Day

demi-moore-ashton-kutcher-jewelry-for-charity.jpg demi-moore-ashton-cutchen-handcuff-jewelry-for-charity.jpg

Lovebirds Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore teamed up with jeweler Jack Vartanian to design a collection of necklaces for Valentine's Day.

The handcuff necklaces range in price from $710-$2,140, which may seem pricey BUT it's for a good cause.

50% of each sale will be donated to their DNA foundation, which raises awareness about child sex slavery.

If you're wanting to snag one, move quickly. The baubles are only available until February 14th.

[Image via Getty Images.]

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Want To Own Some Of Angelina Jolie's Old Props??

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Oh, man! We have a feeling that these are going to pull in some big bucks!

The auction house Profiles in History are planning to auction off pieces of memorabilia from various Angelina Jolie films next week in Hollywood!

Items up for grabs include the Triangle of Light from Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, and the live firing Sig 232 pistol, costume, and stunt hundcuffs the actress used in Salt!

Wow! Those are some pretty cool items!

We imagine that quite a few collectors are going to be having a happy holiday, indeed!


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Blake Gets Cuffed For Interview

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blake_inter_cover_e.jpg blake_inter_5e.jpg blake_inter_2e.jpg blake_inter_1e.jpg blake_inter_3e.jpg blake_inter_4e.jpg blake_inter_7e.jpg blake_inter_6e.jpg blake_inter_8e.jpg

Anna Wintour's going to be pissed!

Vogue favorite Blake Lively is on the cover of Interview's September issue all dolled up and in handcuffs.

The Gossip Girl shot a lengthy spread where she tries to seduce police investigators and it was all caught on tape.

Blake was also interviewed by Ben Affleck, who directed and stars with her in the upcoming film The Town.

Here's what Ben was able to pry out of his co-star:

On how her brother got her into acting:

When we were in Paris, every time we would stop to eat . . . This is a bold sentence for me, but I would dread eating, because every time we sat down for a meal he would start questioning me, saying, "What are you going to do for a living? What do you think you want to do?" He was just being a good big brother. Because of my interests he decided that I should be a film producer. I did not want to be an actor because my whole family did it-going into the family business was the last thing I wanted to do. But then about a year later he was running lines with his friend and he talked me into going to this audition. I just did the first one to be nice because he was always so great to me, but then I ended up going to a few more auditions. I didn't have an agent. I would just write down that I was with my brother's agency, and then the agency would get calls and say that they had no idea who I was. But after a few auditions I got The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, which was my first job.

On her parents supporting her career:

"They disowned me…They were as involved in my life as any parents are in any person's life. It was always important to them when I was growing up. I didn't start acting until I was 16, but when I was a kid people always asked why I didn't act like the rest of my family, and they would say, "Well, she needs a childhood! We would never allow her to do that even if she wanted to."

On who she admires:

People always ask me that and I always answer with men. Which is not to say that there aren't incredible women in this business, but I feel like men are still given much better opportunities. I feel like there are so many people I admire for so many reasons that I can't look at one person's life and say, "I want that life." I want to make my own history.

On her sex scene with Ben Affleck:

…With acting, I think half of it is just acting confident. We stand on these red carpets and pose in these dresses, but we're all only so confident. It doesn't mean we think we're great looking or anything. It's all a façade. But the sex scene was really awkward. It was my first day, so thank you for that.

A sex scene on the first day!?

That's one awkward way to get to know your co-star!

To read the rest of Ben and Blake's funny interview CLICK HERE!

[Images courtesy of Interview.]

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