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Handicapped Goldfish Gets A Wheelchair And Your Cute Gland Just Exploded!

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Awww….we've never seen anything so ADORBz and inspirational!!!


A goldfish who is prone to flipping has received her very own wheelchair, keeping her balanced and looking better than any fish in a tank EVA!

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New Reality Show About Women In Wheelchairs

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There's a new reality show coming out called Push Girls, about women in wheelchairs.

It focuses on four female friends, all wheelchair bound, navigating their everyday lives.

It's a new subject for reality, really looking into the lives of disabled women.

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Stephen Hawking Goes To Sex Clubs!

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This is cray cray!

Stephen Hawking is reportedly a regular at Freedom Acres, a sex club in Cali.

A member of the club says that Hawking shows up with a harem of

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Judge Declares NYC Taxis MUST Be Equipped To Help Handicapped

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Taxi ruling

Such wonderful news! It's just a shame it took this long.

A judge declared on Friday that New York City's Taxi and Limousine Commission could not issue permits for taxicabs unless they're accessible to people using wheelchairs, writing:

"Meaningful access for the disabled to public transportation services is not a utopian goal or political promise, it is a basic civil right."

The ruling is the result of a lawsuit against the taxi commission for violating the Americans with Disabilities Act since less than 2% of cabs are wheelchair accessible.

Disability Rights Advocates, a non-profit, called this "the best Christmas gift our clients could ask for" and we couldn't agree more!


[Image via WENN.]

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Russell Brand Responds To U.K. Tabloid Criticism Over Paralympian Joke

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Russell Brand responds to paralympian criticism

Russell Brand is not happy that the tabloids are not happy with him.

During a recent stand up comedy gig in London he joked about the upcoming Summer Olympic games that the city is set to host, saying:

"I don't give a f–k about the Olympics. It's boring Blue Peter sport and a waste of taxpayers' money. At least the Paralympics have some kind of novelty value or something."

Obviously, nobody likes to be the brunt of a joke, so a few Paralympians spoke up.

The Daily Mail reported 21-year-old Natasha Baker called Brand's comments "patronizing and upsetting", while two-time gold medalist, David Weir, suggested, "Brand obviously hasn't met any Paralympians."

Russell, on the other hand, thinks the Daily Mail and U.K. tabloid The People took his comment way to seriously.

In response, he has posted a pic of himself and another Paralympian while holding the tabloids in question, tweeting:

"Congratulations Chris and Aussie WC rugby team. Daily Mail/People stop being silly."

The reality of the situation is that sometimes words hurt. Comedy walks a thin line between offensive and funny.

While we're sure Russell was only looking for a laugh, he shouldn't be surprised that people in the group he was poking fun of didn't think the joke was worth laughing at. He's not the first comedian to offend a particular group of people with insensitive material and he won't be the last.

Do U agree with Russell that the tabloids are making a big deal over nothing or was his insensitivity toward the disabled community worth writing about?

[Image via WENN.]

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Chris Brown's Neighbors Want His Probation Revoked!


This is certainly becoming Chris Brown's week, isn't it?!

Not only did the always calm, mature, and collected pop star have yet another, hate-filled temper tantrum in Vegas, but apparently, he's become such a terror in his West Hollywood condo that his neighbors are trying to get his probation - regarding his domestic battery case - revoked!

As we've reported, his neighbors have claimed for months that he not only blares music at all hours, but that he

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Disability Prevents Quadriplegic From Opening Chute During Skydiving Death

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Parachute death

So tragic!

Zack Fogle of Kingston, Washington plunged 18,000 feet and 120 MPH to his death in Salmon, Idaho on Saturday.

The 27-year-old was a veteran skydiver, but was also a quadriplegic since an unfortunate auto accident in high school.

An examination of video and statements made by witnesses have revealed that there were no malfunctions with his equipment, but instead his disability prevented him from being able to deploy the main chute.

While there were rumors of suicide, Flathead County Undersheriff Jordan White dismissed the notion, saying:

"Zack died with another jump pass in his pocket. He was living his dream. His was an incredible story of his drive to live and to excel in this sport despite being disabled from an (automobile) accident when he was a junior in high school."

Ugh! Such a sad story and we're so sorry to hear about it! Our hearts go out to the Fogle family for their loss and wish that Zack rests in peace!

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