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PETA Sends A Letter To Director Cameron Crowe

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Cameron Crowe

A leading primatologist, Dr. Malik, has sent a letter to director Cameron Crowe on PETA’s behalf in response to recent comments made by Crowe.

Crowe was talking about Crystal, the capuchin monkey most recently in the Hangover II, saying she is:

"not just the hottest actress around, but also the most compelling."

He also said that monkeys are:

"like Mickey Rourke [because they] do nothing you tell them to."

In the letter, Dr. Malik explains how the “highly social” monkeys are taken from their mothers at birth, kept in relative isolation, and not given proper exercise on movie sets.

So sad!

She compells him to use today's technology, such as animatroincs or CGI, instead of animal actors. Not a bad idea, especially after such a big CGI hit like Rise of the Planet of the Apes.

Read Dr. Malik’s entire letter after the jump…

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Hangover II Stuntman Suing Warner Bros. Over Brain Injuries

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This is really unfortunate.

A stuntman on the set of Hangover II is suing Warner Bros. after a stung went wrong, leaving him with brain injuries.

Scott McLean was Ed Helms' stunt double on the Bangkok, Thailand set when he was injured when two cars that were traveling at high speeds collided.

The scene required "precision and timing," but after shooting had already beguin, the film's stunt coordinator, who is also being sued, had changed the timing sequence.

McLean says:

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NEW Muppets Trailer!!!!

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The Wolf Pack may be back this weekend, but this fall we'll forget all about them. The Fuzzy Pack is on track to be back in what could be the funniest movie of the year!

The Muppets may have the best marketing campaign we've ever seen!

First they advertised it as an entirely different movie, but now they're ripping on The Hangover Part II! LOLz!

Love it!!!!

Check out the SECOND teaser trailer for The Muppets, hitting theaters in November, above!!!

Are U as psyched as us for the return of the Muppets to the big screen?!

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Bradley Cooper Brings His Sexy To Germany

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Ahooo!!! That's one studly member of the Wolfpack!!!

The guys of Hangover 2 were on hand at the German premiere last night in Berlin and Bradley Cooper walked the carpet with ease, charm and a trail of smoke following behind!


Some men just get better with age. He's is NEVER going to be unattractive in our eyes! We like, we like! Wanky, wanky!

Check out more hot shots of Brad in the gallery (below).

[Image via WENN.]

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New Couple Alert? Olivia Wilde & Bradley Cooper Have Been On 2 Dates This Week!


Another hook-up at the hands of Lorne Michaels. How does he do it? LOLZ!

Life & Style is reporting that newly single Olivia Wilde and Bradley Cooper have been out together twice since the pair hooked up at the Boom Boom Room last Saturday. The two were introduced while attending the Saturday Night Live finale after party and quickly got very chatty with each other. Sparks started to fly, love was in the air and before anyone could say "Renee Zellweger, who?", Bradley was spotted again with Olivia the next night at the Hangover Part II premiere after party!

Dude moves fast!

As Bradley's "date", Olivia was spotted (pics above) close to Brad all night long. One eyewitness reveals that Brad never took his hands off of her, "putting his hand on her lower back" and taking her hand every chance he got. When the night came to an end, the pair were seen taking off together in a town car, together!

And did the night end there, we wonder? Hopefully not! Bom chicka wah wah!!!

They look pretty good together if you ask us! We could be down with this loooooove connection!

[Image via Life & Style.]

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Bradley Cooper Caught A Ping-Pong Ball In His Mouth…Launched From A Vajajay!

Bradley Coooper vagina ball

HA! Ha? Ew.

While the Hangover II boys were in Thailand filming the upcoming comedy, it sounds like there were as many shenanigans off camera as on.

Bradley Cooper recently shared a story involving a ping-pong ball, a vagina, and Ed Helm's throwing up as a result of the first two things mentioned. LOLz!


Apparently, the Wolf Pack and director Todd Phillips visited a local hot spot where women performed, um, unique talents. One woman in particular impressed the boys the most with a vaginal talent, as Bradley explained:

"This one gal was able to eject ping-pong balls at high velocities with amazing accuracy."

What!? Unique indeed!

He was SO impressed that he needed a picture pretending to catch the ball in his mouth. Unfortunately — or fortunately depending on how you look at it — the woman did more than just pose for this picture, as Bradley continued:

"(It went) right in my mouth… (There are) Handi Wipes coming out from everywhere, Ed Helms is throwing up… It was memorable."

Let's hope the picture is the ONLY souvenir he got from that woman! Sounds like they have some material for the third installment of the franchise, but we sincerely hope he thoroughly washed his mouth out/slash got checked for every disease ever.

Would U still trust Bradley Cooper's mouth after a story like that?

[Image via WENN.]

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The Hangover Part II Has A New Full Trailer!

This looks so awesome!!

Check out the brand new full trailer for The Hangover Part II above!

We LOVE that they're going with shifted recurring jokes in addition to new ones. Tattoo vs. Tooth, Monkey vs. Baby, Asian Brother Lost vs. Justin Bartha… it all looks like they're going to hit the hilarity mark!

That's good news too, because this movie is really anticipated and anything less that an A-Game home run would sadly be disappointing!

Plus Bradley Cooper and Zach Galifianakis are back being super seksi!

Watch it and let us know what U think!

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