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Move Over, Ronald! Mcdonald's Unveils A New Creepy Mascot That Will Haunt Your Dreams!

McDonald's officially has the creepiest mascot on the planet!

Aside from Burger King's hilariously horrifying King, Ronald McDonald is probably the creepiest fast food mascot out there, especially if you have a fear of clowns!

However, McDonald's has really outdone themselves by introducing us to a brand new character that is pretty much guaranteed to send shivers down your spine!

Meet Happy, the talking, bug-eyed Happy Meal box that will be replacing Freddy Krueger and that little kid from The Grudge in your nightmares tonight!

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Holy Happy Meal! McDonald's NOT Adding Heroin To The Menu Despite Serving It In Kid's Meals!

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heroin hamburglar

And another day goes by where we hear about a fast food joint serving up unhealthy food IN ADDITION to dealing hard drugs to customers!

Sure, the deal was accidental — but that's not the point. It's never the point!

An employee at a McDonald's in Pittsburgh has been charged with selling a McSmack (Heroin) in a Happy Meal to customers who used the right code.

The code, by the way, is something people might easily accidentally say:

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Jennifer Garner & Violet Look Happy With Their Happy Meal!


We guess that's why they're called happy meals!

Jennifer Garner and her daughter Violet are two happy ladies, and we don't think it is a coincidence that they just got some at happy meals at Mickey D's.

And even though we all know that fast food isn't good for you - when you're a kid, the happy meal is like a rite of passage. You're not fully realized as a child until you've had a happy meal!

Speaking of happiness - are they are children more enamored with life than Garner's kiddos?

We hope these three never grow up because they're such little darlings - seeing them with grownup problems would break our heart!

And if you're like us, and you want to see more of these precious ones, today's your lucky day.

Check out more pictures (below) !!!

[Image via Ramey Pix.]

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McDonald's In The UK Is Going To Offer Books Instead Of Toys!

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McD Books

Okay, so how do we feel about this??

McDonalds in the UK is about to start offering books instead of toys in their happy meals!

On one hand, we LOVE that they're promoting reading and education.

On the other hand, getting toys is a part of childhood — and since going to McDonald's is supposed to be a TREAT instead of an every day affair, we feel like toys would make it a better treat!

But, the book thing is only lasting through

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Chicago McDonald's Will Be Testing "Healthier" Happy Meals

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Happy Meal Chicago

We had heard they'd be trying something like this, and it turns out that the Chicago area will be the first to be tested with what they're calling a "healthier" Happy Meal for kids!

In it, they'll get less fries, a bunch of apple slices, and milk instead of the usual stuff the meals come with — but people seem to think that they'll try it (or not realize it's happening) and just go back to all the fries like normal.

Fruit has

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The Best (And Worst) Fast Food Meals For Your Kids!

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Nothing beats a healthy, home-cooked meal, but times are tough. People are busy. And sometimes, its easier to go through the drive-thru than it is to be driven crazy over a recipe for chicken parm.

We get it, but when it comes to the kinds of foods that are out there for quick and cheap, people have a lot of options and when it comes to feeding kids, parents should really consider what they are feeding them.

For example, Subway happens to have some the healthiest options for kids. Their unhealthiest Meal is only 395 calories: Roast beef sandwich, apples and low-fat milk. Not too bad right? Similarly and perhaps surprisingly, Burger King isn't that bad either. If your kid orders the Chicken tenders meal with apple fries and low-fat milk, that's only 350 calories. Course, if you substitute those tenders for a hamburger, it goes up to 430. Still, not that bad.

Care to know the WORST kid's meal around? We found one that's 883 calories! That's like, almost a kids daily calorie intake!

If you want to see the best of the best and the worst of the worst, click the jump to see the list. It could really help you make better decisions when picking out meals for the little ones in your life - or even yourself! (Yeah, we know some of you are on a budget. We get it.)

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Consumer Group Demands McDonald’s Take Toys Out Of Happy Meals

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Consumer Group Demands McDonald’s Take Toys Out Of Happy Meals

Kids aren’t going to be too happy about this!!

The Center for Science in the Public Interest, an advocacy group, is suing McDonald’s and demanding that they remove the toys from happy meals. They claim that McDonald’s is violating California law by making the meals too appealing to kids and putting children on a track to obesity.

The advocacy group is representing Monet Parham, who was apparently coerced into buying happy meals by McDonald’s:

Said the group:

“Because of McDonald’s marketing, [her daughter] Maya has frequently pestered Parham into purchasing Happy Meals, thereby spending money on a product she would not otherwise have purchased.”

We HIGHLY doubt that they’ll win this lawsuit. It seems crazy that they could prevent McDonald’s from putting toys in happy meals! Happy meals are obviously unhealthy, but parents have a choice in whether or not their kids eat them!

[Image via AP Images.]

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