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Lindsay Lohan's MYSTERY Boyfriend Reappears By Her Side In London Town!


Okay, we're sorry, but WHAT?!

Lindsay Lohan can LITERALLY not even take an effing shit without it becoming a worldwide news story, yet she's somehow managed to keep a BOYFRIEND secret from the press?!

HUH?! We almost cannot process this!

But it appears to be true!

Way back in October, a male cheerleader named Josh Chunn claimed to be dating the hard-pAArtying starlet when she was having her ex-father Michael Lohan thrown off her property during that disastrous failed intervention attempt! Yet soon afterward, we stopped hearing about him entirely, because as we all know, Lindsay began stalking Max George and the rest of The Wanted during their east coast bus tour!

Well, apparently, this guy has been waiting patiently

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Lindsay Lohan CRASHED The J. Edgar After-Party!


Remember how baffled we were when Lindsay Lohan somehow slithered her way into the J. Edgar premiere's after-party at the Hotel Roosevelt?

Well, apparently we weren't alone - because she wasn't supposed to be there, and her desperation to get back into the industry's good graces not only caused a scene, but made the real A-listers in attendance uncomfortable!

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Lindsay Installs A Rooftop Fence So She Can Booze In Peace!


Well, this will certainly solve EVERYTHING, won't it??

Now that Lindsay Lohan has used literally every excuse in the book to justify her hard-pAArtying, delusional behavior, and STILL somehow evaded serious legal trouble, she's apparently attempting a new technique to keep prying eyes from bothering her while she boozes - by building a bamboo fence on the rooftop of her Venice beach home!

Check out a snap of the clASSy new addition (above)!

Good! She deserves to be able to drink in PEACE, you guys!

So sad. Such a lost cause.

[Image via Ramey Pix.]

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Has Lindsay Started pAArtying Again? Has She Relapsed?!

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God, we hope not!

This week, Star Magazine's cover story is all about Lindsay Lohan and her apparent return to her hard-pAArtying ways. We've seen Lindsay try to keep her nose (and kidneys) clean for the last few weeks, but reportedly there is a lot going on with LiLo that's been kept out of the public eye.

One of her party pals tells Star that on the day of her last court appearance, March 10th, Lindsay took to the Chateau Marmont for some, shall we say, merriment. The pal, Keith Middlebrook, insists she spent the next two days held up in her room "drinking and smoking," adding that that's all she's been doing since she left rehab.

However, he maybe blowing smoke up unmentionable orifices as he also claims he PAYED for all of her cocktails and dinner while hanging with her those two days and now she owes him $1,833! Do we smell a gold-digger in our midst or just some poor sap LiLo conned for free vodka and Red Bulls? We're inclined to think the former.

Besides, shortly after this supposed boozifest, LiLo flew to New York City, where she's been the last few weeks and hasn't been seen drinking once. Oh sure, she's been out late, clubbing with friends and hitting the scene, but not a single person has seen her with a drink in her hand.

What to believe? Should we give her the benefit of the doubt or has that ship sailed and sunk?

We'll just say this - Do right by yourself, LiLo. You're in a lot of trouble as it is. Put the shovel down and stop digging your hole deeper.

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Lindsanity Staging A Photo-Op In Rehab?

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Just another reason that the world should take this mess's latest trip to rehab seriously!

Lindsanity LOLhan clearly has her priorities in order for REALz this time, you guys, which is why she is spending her days shacked up in rehab really focusing on her recovery. Oh yeah, and of course, trying to exploit and ca$h in on her own addictions!

The hard-pAArtying wacktress is reportedly staging a photo shoot so she can sell the exclusives images to the highest bidder!

A source explains:

"Lindsay hasn't worked in so long that the only way she makes money now is from selling photographs. She can make an easy $30,000 to $40,000 a pop for a few hours work. However pictures of her in rehab getting better could sell for as much as $100,000. Nothing with Lindsay surprises me anyone. You would think she would be focusing on dealing with her addictions not staying photo shoots. But this is who this girl is. She never thinks about the long-term solution but rather is always looking for the quick fix."

Just as we expected!

Congratulations, bb! Sell that shiz while you can!

Because soon enough, you'll be in and out of jail and rehab so often that nobody will want to spend a dime on these pictures!

You'll just be a drug-addict and a has-been! Oh wait…you already are!


[Image via Fame Pictures.]

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