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Do People Still Buy CDs? Let's Ask Beyonce!

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Our initial response to this question was a resounding "no," but we're glad to hear that that isn't the case.

After reviewing the sales figures, it was discovered that over 75% of Beyonce's 4 albums sold this past week were physical CDs, not digital copies. Of the 310,000 copies, 240,000 actual CDs were bough in stores and online.

See! People do still buy them, especially those hardcore fans!!!

Break out those Discmans! They're still goooood! LOLz!

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Drew Barrymore Can't Get Enough Of New Boyfriend

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Drew Is So In Lurve


Apparently the actress is so swept up with her new romance that she's been avoiding friends and talkin' marriage! Pretty heavy stuff for new love!

The source says:

The friend says that the couple share a unique sense of humor, a love of board games and intense chemistry. “She can’t keep her hands off of him,” the friend adds. “Drew wants to have babies, and she thinks Will is the one.”

Yes, because nothing signifies true love more than a general love of Monopoly! LOLz!

We're kidding! We love that fact that you're so into him, Drew! We're pulling for you guys!

But you gotta take it slow, gurl! You've got all the time in the world!

[Image via Ramey Pix.]

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WOW! $175 To Listen To Video Game Music???

final fantasy concert tickets on sale

If we were gonna throw down that much money to experience a video game in person, we'd just go see the Broadway version of The Lion King video game. And yes, The Lion King WAS a video game! Google it. LOLz.

Disney-video-game-adaptations aside, we're not 100% sure that we think it'd be worth $65 - $175 to go see a live performance of video game music, but we could be wrong.

The Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) is def hoping we're wrong, because this weekend they'll be featuring Distant Worlds: Music from Final Fantasy, which will showcase compositions from the hit video game series performed live to "state-of-the-art HD videos and stills shown on a massive screen highlighting the games’ most memorable sequences."

We ARE aware the Final Fantasy fans can be pret-ty hardcore, so maybe this event will end up being a hit!

Will U go to BAM to experience Final Fantasy music live?

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Avril Gets A "F*cking Neck Tattoo!"

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Yeah she did! Hardcore!

Over the weekend, Avril Lavigne took to her Twitter to share the joyous news about a new addition to her life - a new tattoo.

Saturday evening she tweeted out a picture of herself in a tattoo parlor, exposing her neck and saying, "I'm getting a f**ing neck tattoo." Hours later, she tweeted again saying, "I did it." and lo and behold, there was a safety pin adorned on her scrawny slender neck.

It looks…nice, we guess. We don't really get it, but hey, its your body! Muck it up however you like!

P.S. - Doesn't she look a lot like Taylor Swift in that picture???

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We Like Ice Cream And All…

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But oh sweet Jesus why on Earth did you do that to your face, Gucci Mane?!

The rapper showed off his new, um, hardcore tat on his Twitter for all his followers to mock see.

Nice touch with the "Brr" inscribed in the cone. Really gives it a more classy look.

We bet that's going to get you some serious street cred, dude… in prison! How long do U think it will be before someone asks to lick his face?!


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Bea Arthur WAS A Marine!

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bea arthur was a marine

Check out the photo (above) which was taken shortly after Bea Arthur's enlistment into the Marines Corps.

You heard us right! According to records, our golden girl spent 30 months in the Marine Corps, as a Women's Reserve member who drove a truck AND was a typist!

Not only was she a Marine, but she was intense…even by Marine standards!

Personality appraisal sheets from her enlistment interviews described her as "Argumentative" and "Over agressive," and her interviewer wrote that she was "officious - but probably a good worker - if she has her own way!" LOLs.

We suppose being "over aggressive" must be a good thing in the Marines, because Arthur moved up the ranks to staff sergeant, which was her final rank until she was honorably discharged in Sept 1945. Damn girl, you really were intense.

This gets even MORE hardcore, though. According to her single "misconduct report" filed against her in 1944, she was given reduced pay during a period while stationed in Cherry Point, North Carolina, because she was left incapacitated for duty for five weeks after contracting a venereal disease!

Wow, Bea. You were REALLY in the Marines and you were REALLY hardcore!

What do U think about Bea's Marine history?

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Louisiana Goes Security-Crazy For Twilight Shoot!

louisiana goes hardcore for twilight security

We understand that Robert Pattinson is a living national treasure, but this is some INTENSE security, Louisiana!

Serious perhaps to the point of excessive security measures are being set up for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn's shoot at Raleigh Studios' Celtic Media Centre in Baton Rouge.

Here's what Celtic's chief of security Winston Achee had to say about it:

“We have increased our number of full-time security personnel from six to twenty-four in the last week. That’s just the beginning of the ramp-up. We’ll be adding two to four more every week.”

Wow. More from Achee:

“So, we’ll have on property at all times a forty-eight man force. We are not taking security on this property lightly."

Trust us, we DON'T think you're taking security lightly.

Here are some other highlights of Achee's hardcore security situation:

-Enhanced vehicle identification requirements

-Unique photo badges to be worn at all times by authorized personnel

-Hiring of veterans of Louisiana police forces and sheriff's departments instead of just security guards

Between Winston Achee's small army and the high profile security that the Twilight crew will be bringing themselves, we're thinking Taylor Lautner's abs and K-Stew are going to be JUST FINE.

…But just in case you're still not convinced, here's why Achee says security for the film should will go smoothly:

”I used to run security for Elvis. I’m confident.”

Certainly NO arguing with that! We wish you the best of luck with Twilight's security, Winston. We're sure R-Patz appreciates it!

Do U think Twilight needs THAT much security?

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