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Mark Cuban Offers Donald Trump $1 MILLION To Shave His Head


Mark Cuban gave his two cents on Donald Trump's $5 million challenge to Barack Obama.

As we previously mentioned, Trump offered President Obama $5 million to the charity of his choice if he releases his college records.

Cuban said "the offer he made [was] one of the dumbest things ever."

So Cuban came up with an offer of his own, saying:

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Melissa Rycroft Seriously Injured On Dancing With The Stars!!


Melissa Rycroft, a contestant on Dancing with the Stars: All Stars, was taken to the hospital after being injured while rehearsing!

Oh no!

She apparently hurt her head and neck bad enough to need to be taken out of CBS studios by an ambulance.

Her rep said:

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Dale Earnhardt Jr. Has A Concussion!

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Dale Earnhardt Jr. is going to miss the next two races because of a concussion!!

Oh no!

Now one of NASCAR's most popular drivers has no chance at winning a championship.

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Tori Spelling Still In The Hospital!

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We previously mentioned that Tori Spelling was recently admitted to the hospital, complaining of "horrendous migraines."

She had been complaining of the headaches ever since giving birth to her first kid.

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New Documentary Looks At Contact Sports And Head Injuries

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There has been a lot of controversy recently, surrounding professional sports and head injuries.

Specifically the NFL.

The suicide of Junior Seau was just one of many tragedies thought to have been brought on by head trauma.

A new documentary is coming out about all sports, from youth to pro, and their relationship with head injuries.

There's a culture of toughness that keeps many people from disclosing to others or even learning themselves of how badly injured they are.

Check out the video (above) to see the official trailer for Head Games!

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Chad Ochocinco Let Go From Dolphins!

Ochocinco Dropped

Couldn't they have waited until after the honeymoon?? That's COLD!

Just kidding, Chad Ochocinco had JUST gotten arrested for a domestic altercation with his wife less than 24 hours before he found out that he was no longer with the Miami Dolphins.

Plus, it was straight up announced by the Dolphins on Twitter like this:

"The Miami Dolphins have terminated the contract of WR Chad Johnson."


We honestly can't believe how fast things are going downhill for Chad — we wish it weren't the case.

Although, if he head-butted his wife… we quickly become less worried about how crappy things are for him!

Just saying'!

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[Image via WENN.]

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Colorblind Man 'Hears' Colors

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Neil Harbisson has a condition known as achromatopsia.

That means he has complete color blindness. He can only see in grayscale.

Back in 2003 he teamed up with some computer scientists and together they made him an "electronic eye."

He wears the device on his head and it detects the color frequency of whatever's in front of him.

It then converts that to a sound frequency and a chip in the back of his head plays the sound, vibrating through his bones to his inner ear, allowing him to "hear" colors.

That's crazy!

He did a TED talk where he said:

"I've been hearing color for eight years since 2004 so I find it completely normal to hear color all the time. At the start, I had to memorize the names you give for each color, so I had to memorize the notes, but after some time this information became a perception. I didn't have to think about the notes, and after some time this perception became a feeling."

So now he can go to art galleries, which sound like concerts, or dress himself.

What's cool is he can also reverse this process and translate songs into colors. Justin Bieber's Baby is bubble gum pinks and neon yellows, of course.

So cool that this man gets to be a cyborg and live a more normal life.

[Image via AP Images.]

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