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Michelle Obama And Paula Deen In The Middle Of A Food Fight

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Michelle Obama and Paula Deen feud

Where's the beef? Rumor has it that it's between Michelle Obama and Paula Deen!

Both are busy promoting books with very different messages. Michelle's American Grown advocates eating homegrown veggies, while Paula Deen's Southern Cooking Bible advocates buying a deep frier.

The rumored feud arose because of Michelle's 2008 guest appearance on Paula's Party, which occurred before Barack was elected leader of the free world and before Michelle launched her nationwide healthy eating initiative.

Paula not only references her encounter with the First Lady in her latest cookbook, but has also been pointing out Michelle's not-so-healthy eating habits in interviews, saying:

"She’s no different than the rest of us. She probably ate more than any other guest I ever had on the show! She kept eating even dur­ing commercials. Know what (the Obamas’) favorite foods are? Hot wings. Y’know – those kinds of foods that aren’t necessarily top-of-the-list healthy foods.”

A source then told the National Enquirer that Michelle is NOT happy that the celeb chef is flapping her gums about her family's favorite greasy snacks. The source goes on to suggest Michelle believes it's an attack on her husband's presidency, saying:

“Michelle’s spitting mad. She thinks Paula is trying to smear her and her family just as the 2012 presidential election race swings into gear.”

Deen, on the other hand, is denying any reports of a food feud between the two and has changed her tune a bit when describing Mrs. Obama's eating habits, explaining:

"There's no truth in the story that Mrs. Obama called me to stop talking about her appearance on my program. We had the best time when she came on the show and I taught her how to make fried shrimp and fries. It was easy to see by her buff arms that the first lady follows a healthy lifestyle. But it didn't stop her from enjoying the food. Everything in moderation!"

We agree with that! There's nothing wrong with eating buffalo wings, french fries, or fried shrimp as long as they aren't being eaten every meal!

Based on President Obama's words to Jay Leno on The Tonight Show this week, it sounds like Michelle is still very much committed to encouraging the nation to eat healthier. He talked about his wife's candy treat selection for Halloween trick-or-treaters, saying:

"Halloween is coming up. [Michelle has] been giving, for the last few years, the kids fruit and raisins in the bag. And I said, 'The White House is going to get egged if this keeps up.' We need to throw some candy in there. A couple Reese's Pieces or something."

LOLz! Yes, if there is ever a day to cheat on your healthy diet, Halloween is it!

[Image via WENN.]

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Hilary Duff Rides Her Bicycle

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Hilary Duff bike ride

We are so impressed by how active Hilary Duff has been lately!

The actress has been going to the gym and yoga classes regularly since she announced her pregnancy. On Wednesday she continued to live her active lifestyle by riding a bicycle around her El Lay neighborhood.

Love it!

Although, we're not exactly in love with the picture of Hilary checking her cell phone during her ride. Keep your eyes on the road, dear!

Check out more pics of Hilary enjoying her bike ride below!

[Image via Ramey Pix.]

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Q & A With Lisa DeFazio: Losing Weight On A Vegan Diet

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Lisa D question and answer

We applaud anyone who makes an effort to live a healthier lifestyle, whether that entails becoming a vegan or just cutting back on the calories.

While many people become vegans because they are opposed to the cruel treatment of animals, others make the dietary choice because of its health benefits.

However, a Perezcious reader is finding out that a vegan diet doesn't guarantee any weight loss, so they asked FitPerez dietician Lisa DeFazio for help, writing:

I have been vegan for about 7 months now. Originally, I did it to help prevent high cholesterol since both of my parents have very high cholesterol. Now it has also become about all around health and living a green cruelty free lifestyle. I was hoping to reap other benefits as well such as some weight loss and clearer skin (since too much dairy can often be the cause of breakouts).

I have not lost weight at all! I am not an unhealthy weight, but I am not where I want to be and my skin is still breaking out regularly. I am pretty active, I live in New York city so walking everywhere is how i get around, and I have been doing yoga a few times a week. I also eat very healthy and avoid all junk food and concentrate on getting protein from tofu, beans, and lots of quinoa (it is my favorite). I have avoided all refined carbohydrates and eat only whole wheat. I take a vitamin fortified with extra folic acid and iron every day and I take a B12 vitamin 3 times a week.

Nothing I do seems to help me shed the extra few pounds on my hips and legs and I am getting pretty discouraged. Any advice to help me lose some weight and maybe clear up my skin?

According to Lisa D:

First, I want to congratulate you for taking steps to improve your health! You are doing a great job with taking appropriate supplements for a vegan diet. Although the vegan diet is healthy for the heart, it does not guarantee weight loss, as you are realizing!

Start keeping a food journal and count your calories. In general, women should consume 1200 to 1500 calories per day for weight loss, men should have 1600 to 1800 calories per day for weight loss. A vegan diet is starchy since beans as a protein source have carbohydrates and fish or chicken as a protein source, does not have carbs. I recommend seeing a dermatologist to determine the reason for your breakouts. You may be having a reaction to something you are eating. Make sure to wash your face each night.

You should also increase the exercise. Yoga is good, but if you are not getting results, do something else. Get a home exercise bike, or join a gym. Ride the bike while watching television or while dinner is cooking-that is what I do! Do not get discouraged, you are half way there! But it does take work to stay in shape. Good luck.

Thanks for the awesome advice, Lisa! Whether you're eating meat or vegetables, calories still count!

For more great dietary advice, shoot Tips@FitPerez.com an email, then check back to see if Lisa answers your question!

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Jordin Sparks Gets A New Tattoo To Compliment Her Slim Body

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Sparks Tattoo

Dang! How does she do it?

Jordin Sparks looks better and BETTER every time we see her!

The American Idol tweeted a pic of her new tattoo, which reads "breathe" in Spanish, but showed off her remarkably slim body in the process.

She wrote along with the impressive picture:

"New tat on my rib cage…'Respira'. I love it."

Sources say she has lost 30 pounds with the help of a personal trainer. We're SO proud that Jordan was able to pull off this amazing transformation the HEALTHY way!

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