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Amanda Bynes FIGHTS Psychiatric Extension; Files Motion To Be Released ASAP!

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amanda bynes fights back

Amanda Bynes wants OUT and she wants out NOW!

After the judge ordered a two week extension on her 5150 hold, Amanda made damn sure her lawyer would file a motion requesting she be allowed to break free.

At 2pm PT Friday, the judge will hear Amanda's case with both MandaPanda and her attorney present.

As far as her parents' quest for a conservatorship goes, they faced a small defeat today when the judge denied them a temporary one… but an August 9 court date has been set for the long-term 'ship.

Stay tuned, Perezcious readers! It's gettin' NUTS!

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amanda bynes fights 5150 extensionamanda bynes fights 5150 extensionamanda bynes fights 5150 extensionamanda bynes fights 5150 extensionamanda bynes fights 5150 extension

Aaron Hernandez Probable Cause Hearing Delayed Until August 22nd

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aaron hernandez probably cause court hearing delayed until august 22

Aaron Hernandez was back in court today, but it was a very short-lived affair!

As expected, the prosecutors filed for continuance to delay the probable cause hearing, and the judge granted the extension and rescheduled for August 22nd.

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Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect Pleads NOT GUILTY To All Charges!

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boston bombing suspect 2

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has plead not guilty!

During today's arraignment hearing, the 19-year-old was faced with 30 total charges for his alleged role in the Boston Marathon bombing.

Dzhokar and his older brother Tamerlan Tsarnaev allegedly planted homemade bombs made from pressure cookers near the finish line of the Boston Marathon on April 15, causing hundreds of injuries, some fatal.

Tamerlan was killed while trying to evade authorities, leaving Dzhokar alone to answer for the horrific crime.

So what did he have to say? Not guilty.

In fact, Tsarnaev reportedly repeated the phrase not guilty several times while smirking, leading us to wonder if the teen is taking this seriously.

With three deaths and over 250 injuries to answer for, he better start.

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Amanda Bynes Is Making Some Progress!

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Baby steps, people! Baby steps!

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Man Gets Headphones IMPLANTED, Probably Listens To Yeezus Constantly!

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headphones implant technology grinder tech

Are you tired of having to untangle — or even find — your headphones?

Well, maybe you'll want to take a page out of this guy's book and just have them IMPLANTED instead of dealing with that archaic nonsense! LOLz!

Rich Lee is a 'grinder,' who is someone who get surgical enhancements and modification for the hell of it. He decided he had enough of your normal headphones, so he implanted a magnet into his ear that works as a

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Flavor Flav's Fried Chicken Joint REOPENED! Rejoice!

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flavor flav fried chicken ribs joint close evicted reopen legal issues landlord drama

We're not sure why anyone would even try and close the doors over at Flavor Flav's Chicken & Ribs, because you can't just stop something as awesome as that! But that's what happened when Flav's landlord shut it down and evicted him.

It's just too bad for the landlord that the restaurant has been given the go-ahead to re-open just ONE DAY after the shut down!

You see, Flav's attorneys filed a Motion to Stay the eviction, saying they weren't told about a court hearing on the matter until AFTER the hearing had been held. Which is a pretty big no-no! So a judge agreed!

The eviction has been postponed until attorneys for both sides can have another hearing — as long as the restaurant pays one month's rent of $3,500. The landlord seems to think that the restaurant owes $20k in back rent, but Flav's business partners say it's because there was a faulty heater releasing deadly carbon monoxide — maybe the landlord kept refusing to fix it? How are they allowed to stay open if that's happening?!

Whatever, just clear it up! We don't need the courts any more tied up than they already are!

[Image via WENN.]

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Amanda Bynes Has A Major Case Of Sadface In Court, Lawyer Claims Cops Illegally Entered Her Apartment

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amanda bynes looks sad in court weed arrest

After a VERY eventful evening that was stuffed full of scandal, Amanda Bynes entered a court room in NYC this morning to answer for her alleged crimes

And, for obvious reasons, girl did NOT look like she was having the best day ever (above) despite having gotten her platinum blonde wig back after her mugshot.

During the hearing, 'Manda's lawyer Andrew Friedman insisted that police entered his client's apartment illegally, even though the cops involved in the incident allege they witnessed

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