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Courtney Love's Vagina Meets Lana Del Rey's Lips!


Oh of course Courtney Love would comment on ANYTHING remotly related to Nirvana

And seeing Ms. Damaged Babydoll Lana Del Rey lend her unique style(s) of singing to Nirvana's Heart Shaped Box recently had Courtney all a twitter … on Twitter!

In now deleted tweets, Courtney expressed to the "psycho Nancy Sinatra" how Heart Shaped Box was actually about HER vagina, and that the next time she sings the tune, she should think specificaly about Courtney's ladyparts!

One savvy Tweeter saved the comments before deletion and shared:

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Lana Del Rey Wails Into Nirvana's Heart Shaped Box

And our ears shall never be the same again!

The bambi-eyed singer who wants to be EVERYONE's national anthem — aka Lana Del Rey — decided to take on one of music's most talented and tragic icons at a recent show in Sydney, lending her breathy, pitch-challenged voice to Nirvana's Heart Shaped Box.

Let Lana pierce your brainz with those weighted, breathy vocals of hers (above)!

We wonder, would Kurt Cobain have appreciated this interesting homage?

Well, he DID date Courtney Love so…


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