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Bill Cosby Is Called An 'Arrogant Piece Of Sh*t' At His Ontario Show

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Bill Cosby is heckled by protestors

The people are speaking out!

For weeks we've been hearing from woman after woman claiming that Bill Cosby raped, drugged, and/or molested them in some way, but the comedian is still on tour making his fans laugh!

And he doesn't seem phased at all!

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In fact, during his Friday show in Ontario, Canada, nearly 30 people stood up and chanted "We believe the women," and another person shouted that Cosby was an "arrogant piece of sh*t."

But instead of

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Dave Chappelle Melts Down Onstage Over Nonstop Heckling!

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dave chappelle stfu

Dave Chappelle may be a comic genius, but there's one part of comedy he just can't seem to get past- the audience.

The comedian famously walked away from his mega-hit Chappelle's Show in 2006, never fully explaining why he left, leaving many to speculate it was spurred by a series of disheartening fan interactions.

Well, Dave left no questions as to why he was upset at his Hartford, Connecticut show on Thursday night. The comic stopped his act after only a few minutes to lecture the audience on their heckling.

Then he simply sat on a stool and waited out his booked time. He was quoted as saying:

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Sandy Hook Victim's Father HECKLED By Pro-Gun People!

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The fact that humans can be SO cruel to each other makes us sad all day.

Neil Heslin, the father of 6-year-old Jesse Lewis who was killed during the Sandy Hook school shootings, attended a Gun Violence Prevention Working Group at the Legislative Office Building in Hartford on Monday, where pro-gun enthusiasts were also present…

And while Neil was asking the state senate WHY assault-type weapons are legal, pro-gunners yelled out in reply:

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Mitt Romney Called A Racist 14 Times During Press Conference

With pipes like those she’ll never need a plumber!!

Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney answered a question today about Perezident Obama’s 2011 smack down of Osama bin Laden when an unknown nutter woman in the audience began to yell:

“Mitt Romney, you’re a racist!”

She said it once. She said it twice. She said it AGAIN!

Romney and wingman Rudy Giuliani tried to

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Weiner HECKLED As He Resigned From Office!

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Whomp, whomp!

Did you think you were going to walk away unscathed from this? Please! Give the damn liberal media a bit more credit than that! HA!

This afternoon, as Rep. Anthony Weiner took his walk of shame to announce his resignation, the congregation prepared to put him through the ringer for his, shall we say, indecent behavior. Weiner apologized to his constituents and to his wife and explained he was resigning because of the "distraction" he caused. But most people didn't hear a word of that as many succumbed to fits of chuckles after a group of hecklers let Weiner have it!

One of those people was Benjy Bronk from the Howard Stern Show, who screamed, "Are you more than 7 inches?" and applauded just as Weiner made the official announcement. Another screamed, "Yeah, get out of here pervert."

But the kicker came when he was walking out of the press conference and voice was heard from the back, saying, "Will you maintain your hot physique?"

…Well?! We're waiting for the answer, Weiner? Will you?!

Check out the video to watch all the ragging go dooooown! (above)

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Charlie Sheen Paid A Heckler $100 To Shut Up & Leave In A.C.

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Line-up, everybody! Charlie Sheen's giving out refunds!

On Saturday night, Charlie torpedoed the Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City, NJ with his truthes as his tour made its way to the Jersey Shore. The show carried on as many of them have: Charlie ranted about Two & A Half Men, he threw some shade at Detroit and he bemused the crowd with clips from Apocalypse Now.

But there were two major differences in the show's line-up. First, mid-way through the show, Jeffery Ross got up on-stage and started roasting at first. People in the audience seemed to enjoy it, but reportedly he went on much longer than anyone would have like and it was clear he was just trying to fill up time that Charlie wasn't able to himself.

Then, a heckler from the audience got so bad that Charlie actually handed the guy $100 so he'd leave! The guy gladly took his crisp, new Benjamin and headed towards the casino door!

Oh boy! Prepare for a lot more hecklers at the next few stops, Charlie!

[Image via WENN.]

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The MaSheen BOMBS In New York!

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Charlie Sheen's winning streak is over.

At least for now.

The actor/performer/goddess-lover performed at New York City's Radio City Music Hall on Friday night and completely bombed.

Can we say "Detroit" all over again??

Within five minutes of being on stage, the audience began heckling and booing Charlie, which threw him off.

He tried to win the crowd back by offering an olive branch to Chuck Lorre, his former Two and a Half Men boss, inviting him to Sunday's show, saying, "(Let’s) work this s**t out. Of course I want my job back man!"

He then went after his Wall Street director, Olive Stone. Charlie told the crowd, "I’ll buy an Academy Award from Oliver Stone ’cause he’s now broke. His movies now suck! Anyone seen Wall Street 2?"


None of his "jokes" seemed to go over well with the crowd and after several minutes of booing and heckling, Charlie left the stage 30 minutes early.

He performs at Radio City Music Hall AGAIN on Sunday, but we doubt he'll have a better performance.

If you're holding a ticket for Sunday night's show, we're warning you now! It's probably going to suck.

[Image via WENN.]

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