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The Cain Train Hits Another Roadblock: Accuser's Ex-BF Corroborates Story

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Looks like there is no end to this for Herman Cain. Better call Jimmy Fallon. (We think he is the only late night host he HASN'T talked to!)

One of Herman Cain's accusers, Sharon Bialek, is getting support from an old flame. This morning, her ex Victor Zuckerman, held a press conference to corroborate Sharon's story that the republican presidential hopeful made sexual advances on her when she came to him for a job.

Victor, a pediatrician in Louisiana, said he had met Cain with Bialek those many years ago and he ever encouraged his then GF to contact him about employment. She later came to him upset, revealing his inappropriate advances towards her. Victor said:

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Herman Cain's Wife Says He Must Have A Split Personality If Sexual Harassment Claims Are True

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Herman Cain Sexual Harassment Claims

Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain has endured a number of claims accusing him of countless sexual harassment acts.

But his wife, Gloria Cain, is seeing through her rose-colored glasses defends her husband by insisting he "totally respects women."

Gloria continues, saying:

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Clint Eastwood LOVES Herman Cain's 'Story'

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clint eastwood loves herman cains story

You sure you want to talk so enthusiastically about such a controversial figure like Herman Cain TWO DAYS before your big new movie comes out, Clint?

Despite the possibility of stirring up controversy less than a week before J. Edgar gets released, director Clint Eastwood opened up about Herman Cain's story during a recent interview, and had positive things to say about it:

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The Cain Train Will Pull Into The Late Show Friday

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Dude is making the rounds … but is it really doing him any good?

Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain, who appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live earlier this week, is slated to make another late night appearance on Friday. The controversial and slandered politician/ former CEO of Godfather’s Pizza will sit down with David Letterman to talk about a thing or two or four. Like, the four accusations of sexual harassment against him.

We'll give the guy some credit - he's doing what he can to fix his image - but we wish some of his platforms would come to light along with all these shenanigans. If he's a pig, he's a pig. But what does he stand for???

[Image via AP Images.]

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Mike Tyson Is HIGHlarious As Herman Cain

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You know a presidential candidate is in trouble when Mike Tyson, of all people, is making fun of them!

In his latest acting effort, the former heavyweight champion of the world is playing someone who may be crazier than he is — Herman Cain.

If elected, Tyson's Cain is taking a tough stance on issues like immigration, saying:

"Taco Tuesday will be changed to Pizza Pthursday."

LOLz! If Herman Cain's numerous allegations of sexual harassment aren't enough to sway voters away, this video might just do the trick. Check out the HIGHlarious Funny or Die sketch above!

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