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Teen Mom Jenelle Evans Gets Cuffed Up For Heroin & Assault Charges!

jenelle evans mugshot(1)

Why are we NOT surprised???

After accidentally revealing her heroin use, Jenelle Evans finally got arrested for not only abusing the bitter crystalline compound, but also for assault.

According to the Brunswick County Sheriff's Office, the Teen Mom star is facing charges for

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Buckwild Star Salwa Amin BUSTED For HEROIN & Oxycodone!

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salwa amn buckwild mugshot heroine

Well, when you're on a show called BUCKWILD, some buckwylin' SH*T is bound to happen!

And what's more wylin — in the nastiest sense — than being BUSTED for drugs? Especially when the drugs in question are as hardcore as HEROIN and Oxycodone!!!

Salwa Amin, star of MTV's new reality series Buckwild, was arrested Monday morning in West Virginia for two counts of drug possession with the intent to distribute — one for heroin, one for oxycodone.

Amin will reportedly post a $200,000 bond for her crimes.

BUT, despite this legal hiccup, MTV is still planning a second season of Buckwild.

Yeeeee-haw indeed!

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Jenelle Evans' Hospital Visit Was For HEROIN!

We knew it!!

Jenelle Evans just got hitched in a shotgun wedding yesterday, but she wasn't very clean before she became a bride!! A few days ago, we reported that she was admitted to a North Carolina hospital shortly after Thanksgiving, BUT surprisingly enough, it definitely wasn't for no dang cysts!

According to the Teen Mom's sister, Ashleigh Evans, their mom, Barbara Evans caught her "shooting up," which then led to

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Jon Bon Jovi's Daughter Arrested After Heroine Overdose?!

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This is too sad!

It seems Jon Bon Jovi's 19-year-old daughter Stephanie Rose Bongiovi has been arrested after an apparent heroine overdose in her Hamilton College dorm room Monday morning.

Someone called cops to Stephanie's room after finding her unresponsive, claiming she had OD'd on heroine.

Authorities found Steph alive, and also supposedly found

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Pete Doherty Has Been Kicked Out Of Rehab!

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Pete Doherty booted from rehab

What??? Ahhh!!

We were so, so, SO hoping that Pete Doherty's most recent rehab stay would be the one that finally got him off of all those terrible drugs he's been poisoning his body with throughout the years. Unfortunately, it was just another misadventure!

The rock star jetted off to a rehabilitation center in Chiang Mai, Thailand at the end of June, but has been kicked out for being a "disruptive influence" on other patients.

Alastair Mordey, the director of the facility, called Pete's booting an "amicable" parting and hopes "some of the things he has learnt here will help him in the future."

So do we.

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Pete Doherty Rushes To Rehab In Remote Jungle! Cancels Gigs!

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Sad times for those hoping to see Pete Doherty perform sometime in the near future…

But wondrous news for crack-cocaine/heroine addict Pete, who jetted off to a rehabilitation center in Chiang Mai, Thailand, with the ultimate goal of FULLY conquering his demons.

This means that Pete will NOT be attending T in the Park in Scotland, Rock for the People in Czech Republic or Superbock Superrock in Portugal.

Oh, we hope hope HOPE he can finally get those insatiable cravings under control, at least for the sake of his two children!

Kick that nasty monkey off your back, Pete!

[Image via Ramey Pix.]

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Study Concludes That Alcohol Is More Harmful Than Heroine

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Study Concludes That Alcohol Is More Harmful Than Heroine

A recent study conducted in Britain sought out to rank drugs in order of most dangerous to least dangerous. The researchers came to some interesting conclusions, namely, that alcohol is more harmful than both heroine and crack.


Researchers studied each drug’s mental and physical damage, addiction, crime and costs to the economy and communities. These criteria explain why alcohol came out as more dangerous than heroine and crack — they concluded that the harm alcohol inflicts on society is much greater than the harm heroine inflicts.

Professor Daivd Nutt explained:

"Overall, alcohol is the most harmful drug because it's so widely used. Crack cocaine is more addictive than alcohol but because alcohol is so widely used there are hundreds of thousands of people who crave alcohol every day, and those people will go to extraordinary lengths to get it."

This study doesn’t mean that you should quit drinking and starting using heroine, but you should be aware that alcohol can be just as addictive and destructive as more traditionally “dangerous” drugs. Only drink in moderation!

[Image via AP Images.]

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