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Tiger Fake-Out

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A stadium cricket match was canceled and helicopters filled with tranquilizer wielding men were deployed after police got word that a "tiger" was spotted in a field in Britain.

But everyone was made a fool when they came to find the big scary beast was just a stuffed toy.

Could Ashton Kutcher be filming nother season of Punked while preparing for Two and a Half Men?

No… it was probably just a teenage scamp. (Scamp is British for dickhead, right?)

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Cutest Zombie Ever!

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If zombies were that adorable we'd all be totally screwed! ALL OF US!

We should add cat food to our "secret" zombie apocalypse emergency plan.

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Bronx Zoo May Lose Half It's Budget

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Bronz Zoo May Lose Half It's Budget

Be as dramatic as you want red ruffled lemurs!

That wont change Mayor Bloomberg's budget plans.

The mayor wants to chop $4.7 million (50% of what they got last year) from the Bronx Zoo and the New York Aquarium, both run by the Wildlife Conservation Society.

The zoo is obviously in bad shape already. The Zoo's already had two very witty animal escapees (@BornxZooCobra, @BronxZooPeacock) in 2011, if the budget is cut any further all the charming animals will be loose in Manhattan by 2013.

In early 2009, when its budget was slashed by a half-million dollars the society closed three zoo exhibits and cut the society's staff by 186 positions, or 15%.

"We had to make some difficult decisions," John Calvelli, a society spokesman, said in an interview. "We don't have the luxury of firing our walrus."

[Image via WENN.]

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Dumbass Of The Day: Utah Man Shoots Neighbor's Puppy

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Bastard Of The Day: Utah Man Shoots Neighbor's Puppy

This is why you don't drink with a loaded gun.

Utah town councilman Rick E. Wilberg was arrested in connection with cruelty to animals and intoxication after he allegedly shot the neighbor's puppy with a .22-caliber rifle while he had been drinking.

Why? Was the dog peeing on his rare oil pantings, or chewing on his new fence, or threatening his cat? Nope, Wilberg told police that he shot the dog because 'he had been sick of listening to the dog bark.'

The chihuahua, Rocky, belonged to Peggy Redmiles, whose three-quarter acre lot shares a fence line with Wilberg’s property.

She found the nine-month-old pup dead in her Tabiona bac yard after she had left the house for a short period to collect fence supplies.

Mrs. Redmiles said her son heard what he thought sounded like firecrackers and when he walked outside, the puppy was dead from a single gunshot.

She told the Salt Lake Tribune:

"I am terrified. I am angry. He was like my baby. I am so scared to let my other dogs go in the backyard, and the only thing that was separating my yard from my neighbours with small children was a chain-link fence. He executed a puppy.

We can only imagine that barking won't be the worst sound Mr. Wilberg will hear in prison.

RIP Rocky.

[Image via thepetscentral.com.]

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Scariest Job EVER: Cleaning A Cobra Pit!

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We hope this guy gets paid millions a year - cause we wouldn't do that for all the money in the world.

This pro goes into the pit filled with tons of angry cobras while chewing gum and wearing flip-flops and shorts like it ain't no thing.

With expert composure, he simply lifts the snakes by their necks and tosses them to one side.

He is surrounded in the pit by hundreds of the dark black and grey snakes which could spit venom from their razor-sharp fangs at any minute.

This guy makes Indiana Jones look like a total kitten.

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