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Juliette Lewis's Drug Addict Dog

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doggy dog

Well, more like NOT addict dog.

Look at him. He's too cute to be anything other than adorbz.

Juliette Lewis tweeted:

"1 time my dog came back from vet high on morphine,all nervous energy gone.I realized Im so glad hes not heroin addict."

We're surprised there aren't any dog versions of those "high from the dentist" videos.

[Image via yfrog.]

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Irina Shayk And Caesare Walk in Style

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Irina Shayk And Caesare Walk in Style

Ugh! Must she always look perfect?

Fashion model Irina Shayk was snapped taking her Labrador Caesare out for a walk round Manhattan yesterday as she ran some errands.

Looks like her high-end-flowy-errand-running skirt caught the attention of the two met behind her. Or was it what's under the fabric…?

Irina, who permanently resides in NYC, once said that Caesare was named after Julius Caesar.

She also claimed that he was fathered by one of the dogs who played the title role in Marley & Me.

[Image via Ramey Pix.]

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EXCLUSIVE: Marijuana's Effect On Animals

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Think your pet needs a little help chill'n out?

Teddy Hilton's celebrity vet Dr. Patrick Mahaney says smoking up your furry friend is anything but relaxing.

Acceding to a article Dr. Patrick recently published in Veterinarian Practice News, when a pet consumes the weed it will get high and possibly very sick!

Watch the video to learn why hot boxing the dog house isn't the best idea you ever had, dude.

Click HERE to tweet your question for Dr. Patrick Mahaney!

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CUTENESS: Foxes On A Trampoline

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Bold statement, we know - but they figured out what a trampoline is for!

We can't think of many animals this smart or cuterageous.

One of them looks like he never wants to leave. And with the hight he's getting on his jumps who would blame him?

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Penguin Takes Wrong Turn, Ends Up In New Zealand

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penguin in new zealand

It's Happy Feet!

A young Emperor penguin took a rare wrong turn from the Antarctic and ended up stranded on a New Zealand beach – the first time in 44 years the aquatic bird has been sighted in the wild in the South Pacific country.

A local resident was taking her miniature Schnauzer dog for a walk on Peka Peka Beach on the North Island's western coast when she discovered the bird Monday evening.

Conservation experts say the penguin is about 10 months old and stands about 32 inches (80 centimeters) high. At Te Papa, the Museum of New Zealand, said the bird was likely born during the last Antarctic winter. It may have been searching for squid and krill when it took a wrong turn and landed about 2,000 miles (3,200 kilometers) from the Antarctic coast.

Don't you just hate it when you accentually swim 2,000 miles in the wrong direction? Yeah… we don't know what that's like either.

[Image via WENN.]

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Teddy Mugshot Hall Of Fame

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Man high on bath salts kills neighbor's goat, police say

19-year-old Mark Thompson got high on bath salts (yeah, bath salts) then allegedly stole and stabbed his neighbors goat!

Lisa Powers said she bought the goat on Friday as a gift to her 4-year-old grandson.

Powers' nephew got a tip from a neighbor early Monday morning, telling him the goat was out and wondering around Mr. Thompson's house.

The nephew entered the house and made his way to Thompson's bedroom door when Thompson said "Don't come in, I'm naked."

But (for some reason) he opened the door and he was standing there with his pants down. He had on women's clothing and the goat was dead and there was blood everywhere. Totally normal stuff.

That's when Thompson (aka Dr. Normal) ran out the front door.

Police were called to the house, and in the bedroom found the small gray and white goat wearing a pink collar lying dead on the floor, blood coming from its neck. There was a pornographic magazine photo laying a few feet from the goat.

Sources say, when police caught Thompson told police he was on bath salts for about three days.

We can only guess that this crazy behavior was brought on by Charlie Sheen Bath Salts recently put on the market.

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Bulgaria's Cruel "Dog Spinning" Ritual

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This is NOT how you prevent rabies!

The "dog spinning" ritual is practiced in a southeastern Bulgarian villages.

In dog spinning, which is which is practiced each year at the beginning of March, a man's "best friend" is suspended hight above water on a rope.

The dog is wound up into a rope, then released so that the dog spins rapidly as rope unwinds, and the dog falls into the water.

This ancient ritual of pagan origin is performed in order to prevent rabies and is a part of the traditional Kukeri rituals.

This must be stopped!

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