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Hilary Clinton Gets Down In Colombia!!!

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Hilary colombia

WoOoO! It's a party in the USA Colombia!

Hilary Clinton ditched her pant suit and got down with her bad self on Saturday night while in Cartagena, Colombia for the VI Summit of the Americas.

She reportedly arrived at a local bar at 12:45am and stayed for about a half an hour. As you can see in the pic (above), the Secretary Of State danced with friends in between knocking back a few beers.

In total, her party ordered

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Hillary Clinton Is NOT Happy With The Military Right Now

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton isn't too thrilled about the recent antics of the Marines.

News has spread that soldiers were caught urinating on dead Taliban fighters.

Hilary states that she is in dismay and does not acceptable the "deplorable behavior" of the troops.

She goes on to say that the United States will continue to help Afghanistan's renovation.

Check out the video above for the secretary's full statement.

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Former First Daughter Chelsea Clinton Joins The NBC News Team

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From the White House to the press room.

Chelsea Clinton has joined the media ranks and she is slated to appear with NBC News as a special correspondent.

The former first daughter of Blll and Hilary Clinton will become a part of NBC Nightly News and focus on pieces for the Making A Difference segment.

Clinton will become the third political daughter to join a NBC affiliated news team, following Jenna Bush Hager of The Today Show and Meghan McCain of MSNBC.

Clinton released a statement

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Hilary Clinton Names Ellen DeGeneres As America's "Special Envoy For Global AIDS Awareness!"

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Ellen DeGeneres Special Envoy Of Global Aids Awareness

Our wonderful Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton, is undoubtedly one of the smartest women in the country (if not the world).

And she proved her brains once again by naming Ellen DeGeneres our Special Envoy For Global Aids Awareness.

Hilary explained her decision to Ellen by saying:

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The New U.S. Global Focus On AIDS Is Now Treatment

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Hilary Global AIDS

Hilary Clinton has just now set the focus for AIDS for the U.S. on a global scale on treatment.

We are now emphasizing HIV fighting drugs, and the hope is to have an "AIDS free generation!"

Here's what she said:

"Creating an AIDS-free generation has never been a policy priority for the United States government — until today. This goal would have been unimaginable just a few years ago. While the finish line is not yet in sight, we know we can get there because now we know the route we need to take. If we take a comprehensive view of our approach to the pandemic, treatment doesn't take away from prevention. It adds to it," she said. "So let's end the old debate over treatment versus prevention and embrace treatment as prevention.

"In 2004, the cost to PEPFAR for providing ARVs and services to one patient averaged nearly $1,100 a year; today, it's $335 and falling," Clinton said, referring to anti-retroviral drugs. "Continuing to drive down these costs is a challenge for all of us."

Sounds great to us.

As long as people out there are being safe and being saved, we couldn't care less if it was due to treatment or education! A mix of both would be super, though!

Get'em, Hilary! Ha

[Image via WENN.]

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Hilary Clinton Gets By With A Little Help From Her Dogs

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Hilary Talks dogs

One of the most powerful women in the world uses her dogs to help deal with the stress of the job. Hilary Rodham Clinton says coming home to her dogs Seamus and Tally is "Just a great release and respite for me."

The Secretary of State described her doggie down time:

"When I'm home, we go on these walks and we have this old Labrador who has arthritis, and we always try to convince him to come out for a walk. And then we have this toy poodle that we got to keep the Labrador company and to try to get the Labrador to be more energetic. And she's, like, bouncing all the time. And so we go on these walks and it's great because the – our Lab, Seamus, sort of starts off kind of like an old man, just kind of very ambling and slow. And Tally, our poodle, is like, jumping up and down and then Seamus gets some energy and off he goes."

We didn't even know Hill and hubby Bill had dogs! The first lady credits her puppy secrete to her family's new found privacy.

"These jobs are really hard, and if you don't have time to just really be a private person, you can't refuel yourself to be able to deal with all of the pressures that come at you during the average day. So for us, it's great having just the opportunity to go for a walk with our dogs."

[Image via WENN.]

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